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Globus Hotel


Milan -- A Local Woman's Point-of-View


Originally from the U.K., Roberta Kedzierski is a journalist, copywriter, and translator who presently divides her time between Florence and Milan. She is one of the many generous Italian women who has offered her insider's tips and insights for our GirlTalk Italy guide. In this article, Roberta concentrates on Milan, a Northern Italian city she knows and loves. Roberta writes...

Finding an hotel...

Very often the people who come to Milan are on business and thus are staying at the places we all know about: the Principe di Savoia or, if they are really not sparing any expense, the Four Seasons. What if someone is paying for herself and needs somewhere reasonable? Perhaps something that is a bit different from the sorts of boxes one can stay in anywhere in the world, yet not so quaint as to be hair-raisingly eccentric. These are my women-friendly suggestions for Journeywoman travelling to my part of the world.
Ed. note: Roberta has quoted all prices in lira, to translate these amounts into Euros, click here.

One well-priced place is the Hotel Manzoni in Via Santo Spirito, 20. It's situated right in the very middle of the fashion shopping area in downtown Milan and, at about 250,000 lire a night for a double, is perhaps one of the city's best-kept secrets. The rooms are a little snug and you may prefer to ask for a double for single use to get a little more space. Try to get a room that does not overlook the street because, although Via Santo Spirito is not that busy, there is some traffic at night. Book early. Tel: 02 76005700/fax: 02 784212; e-mail:

P.S. On the traffic issue, note that the Italians tend to accept and tolerate much higher levels of road-noise than does the average Anglo. So I recommend trying for places that are not on main streets.

The Gran Duca DI York is one of these. Located by the Stock Market, some ten minutes walk from the Duomo, this three-star is recommended by a friend from San Francisco. Tel: 02 874863; fax: 02 8690344; no email; 270,000 Lire double; 180,000 single; 220,000 double for single use.

Situated in the heart of the Brera district which is by tradition a sort of Bohemian area, the Antica Locanda Solferino is very pretty and often recommended in guides but is an example of a place on a very noisy street. The hotel assures me that not all the rooms are street-facing. Check it out anyway, on tel: 02 6570129; fax: 02 6571461; email:; rates: 280,000 Lire double including breakfast. There is one single only (overlooking the street) and this costs 190,000, again with breakfast included.

P.S. If you are looking to cut costs in Italian hotels, and you are quoted breakfast, ask what the charge is without. You often find that a cup of milky coffee and a croissant will be charged at 30,000 Lire. Taken in the bar next door, even with waiter service, this would not come to more than 8,000 Lire.

An interesting recent find was the Antica Locanda Leonardo in Corso Magenta, just by Santa Maria delle Grazie, home of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Now this may be one of the busy streets in town however, the hotel is located across a courtyard and so is perfectly quiet. The rooms are very pleasant and there is a terrace. Rates currently 265,000 Lire double, 170,000 Lire single, doubles for single use are available, price on request. The phone number is 02 48014197, fax: 02 48019012, email:




about designer outlets, wine tasting and elevator etiquette...



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