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Her Top Tips About London...


Evelyn Hannon

From Kuala Lumpur and the United States to Canada, England and Mexico, here are twenty tips designed to make your stay in London much easier than the average tourist's. These bits and pieces have all been provided by women who have spent time in London and learned some of the city's secrets. We thank them for all this 'great stuff' -- most of which will never be found in regular guidebooks.


Budget shopping in London...

I'm a Journeywoman who travelled from Kuala Lumpur to London. The exchange rate from my Malaysian Ringgit to the British Pound was not very high so I had too be very careful when shopping. For gifts, I found the second-hand stores very helpful and full of surprises. Most of the time the items on sale in the name of collecting funds for charity/homeless are really nice -- maybe irregular sizes or just end-of-season sprees. I always avoided malls but chose to frequent markets instead. I found some wonderful presents that way. And when it came to food, Tesco Supermarket as well Marks & Spencer became my good friends with their easy-to-eat salads, sandwiches, pasta etc. Bayswater is an excellent area to stay in with two main tube stations and many choices of budget lodging, good food and stores that open till late. With these essentials taken care of, I had more money to spare to see this beautiful and culturally mixed city. I even squeezed in a trip to the countryside.
Adeline, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Best moussaka in London...

When I'm in London, I like to stay in Bloomsbury close to the British Museum. I don't remember the name of this place, but right down Museum Street there is a fantastic little Greek restaurant. It has, what I consider, the best moussaka I've ever tasted.
Barbara, San Diego, CA, USA

Best Indian food in London...

I'm a frequent traveller to London for business and pleasure. For great Indian food I'd like to recommend Star of India (154 Old Brompton Road, London SW5, Tel: 020 7373 2901). Forget all the other Chutney Marys and Bombay Brasseries, Star of India is a fabulous, intimate restaurant on the Kensington-Knightsbridge border. Their food is so good that I go there on my first night in London and usually go back at least one more time during my stay. Prices are surprisingly reasonable for this top-quality cuisine. P.S. It's also a low-key celebrity hangout. According to The Observer, star-sightings include " Daniel Day Lewis, John Cleese, Bryan Adams, Yasmin Le Bon, Hugh Grant. Tom Cruise was turned away because the place was full."
Julie, San Francisco, USA

Shirts for the guy in your life...

What to bring a special gift back for any of the men in your life? I recently came across this tip in a National Post newspaper article. Journalist Fred Langan offers this advice, "When I go to London I always pick up cheap off-the-shelf shirts for 30 pounds. For Brit stripes, try Harvey and Hudson in Jermyn Street or Turnbull & Asser down the road. They have sales." P.S. Journeywoman just found out that Turnbull & Asser is where Prince Charles buys his striped shirts too, except we're sure he probably doesn't wait for sales.
Evelyn Hannon, Toronto, Canada

A hint about museums...

I travelled to London last year and I have a hint about museums. The British Museum and British Library are open late one night a week but here's one important thing the guidebooks don't tell you about these evenings. Not all the galleries within the Museum are open late so if there is something you're particularly anxious to see, check beforehand to see if it's available. Also for young, single travellers, nothing can beat a hostel stay. They're perfect for meeting other young single travellers. Check their website at: Happy travelling!
Bonne, Columbus, OH, USA

Recommended London guidebook...

Want to know where to find the best fish and chips? Looking for a particular street? Need to find a library or emergency dental care quickly? Time Out London helps you find the answers in a jiffy. This informative guide is written by a team of local experts and their unique insider perspective really shows. We were able to find one-hour service for digital pix, a great veggie restaurant, second hand shops and where the bigger malls are located. The Sunday Times says, 'However well you know London, this will take you places you've never been.' For further information, click here.
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

More great tips 2/3/4




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