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Her Top Tips About London...


St. Martins in the Field...

Whenever I visit London I make a point of going to St. Martins in the Field, across from Trafalgar Square. It's a beautiful old church and during the day in summer they have chamber music rehearsals, free and open to the public. Go downstairs and have a snack or lunch in the underground restaraunt, try your hand at brass rubbings, browse the gift shop and book store. It's lots of fun and a good place to rest your tired feet.
Carole, Baja California, Mexico

Tips, tips, tips...

Hi there! I just had to reply to Journeywoman's query about London. I spent part of my travels there last summer and absolutely loved it! Here's some things I learned along the way:
(1) Stay to the right on escalators (or you may get yelled at). Walkers use the left.
(2) The tube (subway) felt very safe. I travelled by myself a number of times and felt fine. There's always so many security people and cameras watching.
(3) However, be very careful at Kings Cross train station and hold your backpack tight -- theft is reportedly rampant there.
(4) The Apple Market in Covent Garden was great, lots of locally made crafts but no apples (Information: 020 7836 9136). P.S. If you like Doc Martens sturdy footwear there is a store there that sells Docs relatively inexpensively.
(5) Combine cardio with sightseeing. Climb the 311 steps of the "monument"
(a tower built to commemmorate the London Fire of 1666). You'll get a fabulous 360 degree view of the city plus a certificate that proves you climbed all the steps so you can boast when you get home.
(6) I took the London City Tour Bus on my first day. It gave me a great overview of the city, a general idea of where things are and I was able to plan what I wanted to come back to explore. The ticket lasts for 24 hours, you can ride it as often as you wish in that time period and hop off and on wherever it stops. I got on at Trafalgar Square, an easy landmark to find. The bus ticket also included a cruise down the Thames River.
(7) If you can, fly into Heathrow, it's right on the tube system. I flew into Gatwick and had to take a train (11 pounds one way) whereas a tube ticket would have only cost me about five pounds.
(8) If you are Canadian and miss home, there's The Canada Shop (27 Maiden Lane Street, Covent Garden) that sells A&W Rootbeer, Hickory Stix, Coffee Crisp, Tim Hortons , and different types of Canadian beers – they also do home deliveries
(9) If you're a history buff, go to All Hallows on the Ave Church (built on ancient roman ruins near the Tower of London). The caretaker might give you an amazing history lesson on the City of London and the Knights Templar. He talked to us for about two hours.
(10) The British Museum was definitely a highlight for me. I'm a history teacher and spent most of the day in the Egypt area of the museum -- the Rosetta Stone and Cleopatra's Mummy are there. The museum was free too, a plus for us budget travellers.
Chantel, Montreal, Canada

Her Royal bras...

Want to know where Queen Elizabeth reportedly buys her bras in London? I didn't see her there myself but the word is that a shop called Rigby and Peller at 2 Hans Road (close to Harrod's) is her Royal Outfitter. Almost any woman is assured of finding her fit in this boutique. Sizing goes from 32AA to 46FF and prices are very posh, indeed.
Leslie, London, England

Walk, walk, walk...

For those women who are planning a trip to London, be it the first time or the twentieth, I have a suggestion. Make sure you put on your sturdy shoes, and walk. I had been to London numerous times before I took my own advice. Sure, I saw plenty of neighbourhoods, and many museums, etc. But I had never truly walked the city. My first "opportunity" came when there was a tube strike during one of my visits. All the passing buses were packed - no room for me and my husband. It was a fine day, no rain to be seen for once. So, map in hand, we walked from St. Pancras Station to Buckingham Palace. That was just the beginning of our day, and I already felt like I had really discovered London for the first time. Just taking in the truly local sights, stopping at small shops for picnic supplies, saying hello to people on the street. Taking the Underground can be addictive, with the different coloured lines and the pure efficiency of it all. But most of the time you are not really travelling that far, and it pays to go above ground once in a while. I promise, you'll gain a new appreciation for this city.
Jennifer, Olympia, USA

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