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Her Top Tips About London...


I love Hampstead Heath...

My favorite part of London is the Hampstead Heath. I'm often in London around Christmas and a stroll thorough the Heath has become my tradtional end of trip sojourn before I return to the States. Take the tube to Hampstead. Depart the station and turn left into an area of wonderful shops including a Starbucks. Directly across from Starbucks is an alley which leads you into a charming neighborhood which is adjacent to the Heath. Saunter through the neighborhood (where I'd live in a minute if I won the Lotto) and head into the Heath via a gorgeous tree lined path where people are jogging, dogs are folicking and others strolling. If it's been raining be prepared for some muddy sloshing on the paths until they become paved. Slowly climb to the top of the Heath and you'll find a view of London that most visitors never see. There are benches to sit on and one is dedicated to the Memory of Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets). Nice place for a picnic, to read, to people watch or just sit and enjoy the beauty of the Heath.
Claudia, Hollywood, CA, USA

Read the plaques...

I highly recommend visiting Berkley Square in the Mayfair section of London -- a charming treed square (pronounced Barkley Square). Reading the dedication plaques on the back of the benches will bring tears to your eyes.
JoAnn, North Wales, USA

Fine lace & teapots...

If you are looking for very fine lace, there is a nice, tiny shop in the basement floor of the Jubilee market. I found some of the nicest pieces of lace and doilies there for some very reasonable prices. I also wanted to take some nice teapots home with me and had been looking around for some good deals. I actually found my best deal at a souvenir shop in Waterloo station! The Red Bus had a buy one get one free on Staffordshire teapots.
Cynthia, Oklahoma City, USA

Book browsing...

The best used bookstores are on Charing Cross Road, just off Trafalgar Square. Also, the Church of St. Martin in the Fields has good vendors in their courtyard with great buys.
Rita, Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA

I like Silver Moon Books on Charing Cross Road and Waterstones in Piccadilly plus other locations throughout London
Judy, Santa Monica, USA

Camden Market a must...

Whenever I am in London I make a point of going to Camden Market. On Sunday it is a bustling place full of eclectic items from some vary interesting stalls. You have new age hippies to goths to punks all serving up some unique hats, jewelry, toys, etc. I believe almost anything you might be looking for can be bought here. Part of the fun is the bartering. There are also a selection of tea shops and pubs in the vicinty so you can relax and people watch as well. Another smaller market is beside St Martins in the Field -- primarily crafts people selling their wares. Both places are great for mingling with locals. Next to Paris, London is my favorite city to visit.
Shirley, Toronto, Canada

Royal Botanical Gardens...

Although it's always a tourist magnet, London in the off-season can be an inspired choice. Theatres, shops and museums have breathing room, and hotel rates are reasonable. My favorite winter pastime is a mid-week day trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. A pleasant 30-minute ride by tube on the District Line (Richmond train) leads you to Kew Station, just a short walk from Kew Gardens. From mid-February to mid-March, the annual Orchid Show in the Princess of Wales Conservatory offers a stunning respite from the grayness of winter outside. Spend a few hours here and in the other glasshouses, visit the gift shop, then walk across the street to the Original Maids of Honour Tearooms, 228 Kew Road, for a delectable afternoon tea featuring the famous Maids of Honour tarts. It's a perfect leisurely foil for the frantic bustle of central London. Royal Botanical Gardens website:
Kathleen, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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