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Royal Monceau Hotels


Her French Hotels for Less
Unbelievably Great Accommodations from $50 to $99USD


In Aix-en-provence she suggests...

The Cardinal

Looking for lots of ambiance and character in this elegant, chic city?  The Cardinal's definitely got that special something. It's an 18th-century, two-building hotel with nice-sized, high-ceilinged rooms and it's beautifully furnished in the French provincial style. Lovely art, a stone staircase, fireplaces (non-functioning), and pretty gardens contribute to the overall romantic effect. We don't want to sacrifice too much to character, though, and all rooms feature thoroughly modern bathrooms.
Rates: 270-310F/41-47EUR single; 325-375F/50-57EUR double; 500F/76EUR apts
Misc: Visa, MC. English spoken, TV
Address: 24, rue Cardinal
Contact: Tel: 0442383270. Fax: 0442263905. E-mail:

In Avignon she suggests... 

Hotel Parc

Many of the rooms in this hotel boast 18th-century stone walls and high wood-beamed ceilings. How lovely!  Every room is simply furnished, bright, and pretty. There are only three floors and no elevator but there is a beautiful 18th-century staircase that heightens the sense of history you'll feel in this thriving cultural city.  You may want your own facilities but keep in mind that rooms with no shower or toilet are less expensive.  Parc is owned and managed by the very warm and friendly Roger and
Martine Rais.
Rates: 225-240F/34-37EUR single; 260-290F/40-44EUR double; 335F/51EUR triple.
Misc: Visa, MC, Limited English spoken.
Address: 18, rue Agricol Perdiguier.
Contact: Tel: 0490827155. Fax: 0490856486

An apartment of her own in Cannes... 

Hotel Côté Mer/Sea Side

I had the wonderful opportunity of staying in one of these studios. I felt like I had my own apartment in Cannes. It's a unique and charming, 19th-century, renovated theatre hotel with contemporary, furnished, huge, modern studios and apartments. The fully-equipped kitchenette was a pleasure. A bonus for the working woman -- each room is equipped for computers and modems. Modern, huge bathrooms, brightly colored tiled floors, and high ceilings add up to fabulous rooms for the money. Be forewarned that during the TV and film festivals there are minimum day requirements. The hotel is located on the 2nd floor of an apartment building so don't expect any type of lobby or reception area.  P.S. The hotel is owned and managed by Patrick Brovelli who is quite charming. I promise you won't be disappointed...
Rates: 525F/80EUR (low season)-775F/118EUR (high season) double. Call for triple & quad rates. Check for discounted rates for 4 nights or more. Breakfast is included and served in your room.
Misc.: Visa, MC, AX. English spoken (Patrick), individual phone numbers, cable TV w/CNN
Address: 8, rue La Fontaine
Contact: Tel: 0497066220. Fax: 0497066229. E-mail:

Hello, Margot, Hello, France!

Margot Classé is the editor of "Hello France! A Hotel Guide to Paris & 25 Other French Cities. If you'd like to network with Margot, her e-mail address is: Want to know more about her unique guidebooks?
Visit her website at 

Hello France!

Eating out in France... 

Now that you have your hotel tips, here's a few dining out tips. Learn them well and your French waiter might even think he's serving a local.

  • At the dinner table, hands are placed on the table when you are not eating.
  • Bread should be broken, not cut. It is placed on the table, not the plate.
  • Place your knife and fork side by side across your plate when the meal is over.
  • Mineral water is frequently served at a meal.
  • Cheese is served at the end of the meal. Put the cheese on your plate and not directly onto the bread.
  • To request the check, make a writing gesture in the air.

(Source--Europe for Women in Business, Author Tracey Wilen)





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