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Advice From Women Who Love Paris...


Evelyn Hannon

Paris is a 'hot, hot, hot' destination! Here, at Journeywoman headquarters we receive daily inquiries from our readership asking about Paris -- where to stay, what to see, tours to take and where to eat. We've already compiled 'GirlTalk Paris -- a woman's guide to the city' and now we're adding yet another chapter.

The practical advice contained in this latest article came from women living in Paris, those writing about Paris as well as those offering tours to the destination. We've also added juicy tidbits from readers worldwide who've travelled to Paris and want to share their thoughts. You certainly can't beat that for female-centered knowledge! Where we could, we added links to our contributors' websites. Check them out -- they could very well be of interest to you.

Women-friendly in Paris...

I'd like to recommend two of my favourite places for fine tea and for delicious, often unusual wines. Both are utterly welcoming to single women, couples or small groups of friends.

La Maison des Trois Thés just off Place Monge in the Latin Quarter is the sublimely restful, artfully designed salon and shop of Mme. Yui Hui Tseng. Mme. Yui Hui Tseng is the only female among the ten living Chinese Tea Masters. Her teas are fabulous, often rare -- this is a definitely a place to savor. Enjoy, everybody! Address: 33 rue Gracieuse.

Next, for a lovely meal, or fabulous charcuterie and cheese plates, accompanied by French wines from well-chosen small-scale growers, head for La Muse Vin, 101 rue de Charonne. Intimate in scale, friendly and so Parisian--- this is a great spot to put on your favorites list. I'm happy to be sharing it with JourneyWomen around the world.
Sally Peabody, Tour operator, Your Great Days in Paris


Steak and fries forever...

Since I was a little girl living in Paris, we have been going to this amazingly delicious place. The owner has always been there with the same dress, same hairdo (no kidding!). My mom said she went to that restaurant as a young girl and that woman has not changed at all. There's always a big line up. There is (Hallelujah) a non-smoking room all by itself upstairs.

It's real name is Le Relais de Venise. However, most Parisians gave it the name of L'Entrecôte and refer to it as such. When you come in, no need to choose. After sitting down, the waitress will ask you: Saignant (rare)? Bien cuit (well done)?, as here the menu is always and has always been the same. Steak thinly sliced in an amazing sauce and served with delicate fries. Desserts are a dream -- all of them, and you get the chance to choose. Le Relais de Venise doesn't take reservations. It's located at 271, boulevard Pereire, right at the Porte Maillot.
Veronique, Toronto, Canada


Reasonable hotel in Marais district...

Travelled solo to Paris and through the internet found a great hotel in the Marais district -- Hotel Paris Francel. They're located in the 3rd arrondisment about three blocks from the Republique Métro. This two-star renovated hotel has an elevator and breakfast room with quite reasonable rates. My room was a 6th floor corner room with doors that opened to a Juliet balcony on both front and side - also a window that actually opened in the updated bathroom (loved the hair dryer). English speaking staff handle the front desk, made phone calls for me and arranged for my transportation to airport. From the hotel you can stroll to Notre Dame Cathedral in about 20 minutes. In the Monoprix department store located on the street behind the hotel is a grocery store and deli counter (also 'fun' shopping in their cosmetic department). For me, Hotel Paris Francel was a great find and I would definitely return.
Joan, Toronto, Canada


The French love films...

According to the Eyewitness Travel Guides, 'Paris is the world's capital of film appreciation. There are over 300 screens across the city -- the Champs-Elysées has the densest cinema strip in town'.

According to, 'Cinema tickets are about 8 € but usually half price on Mondays. New movies come out on Wednesday'.

According to the Mini Rough Guide to Paris, 'Cinema tickets rarely need to be purchased in advance. Some cinemas have lower rates on Monday or Wednesday, as well as reductions for students from Monday to Thursday. Some matinees also have discounts.'





More juicy tips about Paris 2/3/4

Back to GirlTalk Paris...



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