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Media Gals Share Best Brunch Bets


Evelyn Hannon

At Journeywoman, we figured women in the media would know about the best fun places to brunch in Toronto -- places where they could relax on their own, meet their pals, take their kiddies or wind down with their favorite guy. So, we asked TV personalities, press journalists and performers. And, each responded graciously; all more than willing to offer their insider's advice. We'd like to thank each of these media gals for participating in the Journeywoman Network. We're delighted to pass their info along to women visiting Toronto. Happy brunching!

A tiny hidden treasure...

My favourite neighbourhood brunch spot is tucked into a residential street corner deep in the heart of Roncesvalles Village. Mitzie's is a tiny diner on Sorauren Avenue that specializes in brunch. In fact, die hard fans who move out of the area will make an early start to drive and arrive early enough to get a table at the hottest spot in the High Park area. The chefs have a dazzling new creation every weekend in each of their breakfast categories -- from eggs scrambled with Havarti and dill and gourmet omlettes, to stacks of french toast heaped with an array of candied nuts and fruit. Each one is a creation from the heart accompanied by their special hash browns and homemade breads. The museli is homemade as well, and the best I've had in the city. The biggest problem is access --food this good isn't kept a secret for long! So, to service the crowds drinking coffee on the patio waiting for a table, they opened a more "menued" restaurant at the end of Sorauren on Queen St. known as Mitzie's Sister. Same great tastes but in a menu form. So if you find something you love, you know it will be there again week after week.
Kelly Peckam, Freelance TV Producer, Zen Girl Television, Toronto

One of my longtime favorites... Anchor Woman

A long time ago I fell in love with a tiny restaurant called the Vienna Bakery on Queen Street West just west of Bathurst. This has always been a perfect spot for solo dining or for meeting friends --the earlier you arrive the easier it is to be seated. For brunch they serve the best fruit, yogourt and granola cup in the city. The granola's all homemade and smells of cinnamon. The seasonal fruit is fresh and cut-up specifically for your order. To offset the sour natural yogourt, a delicious homemade sweet fruit compote is mixed into the layering. M-m-m-m! If you decide to go with any of their egg dishes be sure to try their homemade spicy sausage. Beware, the Vienna Bakery also makes killer pies, squares and cookies. Enter at your own risk! P.S. This is also an interesting area of the city to browse once you've finished your brunch. Address: 626 Queen St. West. Tel: 416 703-7278 (check on hours of operation).
Erica Ehm, television personality, song writer and journalist

My Vietnamese brunch secret...

I'd like to contribute my Toronto brunch secret to the Journeywoman Network.There's a small dim sum place in the heart of Kensington Market that I've been going to for years. Called Saigon Pearl, it's run by Vietnamese people who should know something about Chinese food as their country was influenced by the Chinese for at least a hundred years. No need to dress up here. The place is a tad on the grungy side but unlike the big Chinese dim sum parlours (where the food is mass made, reheated and rolled around on trolleys), this dim sum is made specifically to your order. Furthermore, it's very inexpensive, quite delicious and has lots of regulars. Saigon Pearl is situated at 2 Kensington Ave # A just north of Dundas Ave. It's right around the corner from one of Toronto's thriving Asian market and restaurant areas. Tel: (416) 598-1573
Marilyn Lightstone, artist, actor & writer

Yummy crepes and Eggs Benedict...

When I'm in town my favorite weekend brunch destination is Cantine Bistro and Bar on Avenue Road (at Davenport). It's really a great location -- right next to the best flower markets in the city and close to my little sister's condo (she's my favorite brunch companion ). If you can nab one, the comfy leather chairs at the front of the restaurant is where we choose to sit. So what if you have to bend over a little to eat! It's all about the lounging after brunch that makes this spot so perfect. The servers are extremely friendly and willing to offer coffee refills. A basket of lightly toasted bread arrives moments after you do, (which is always comforting), and they refill the toast with a smile as well. The food is great, especially the crepes -- the strawberry, banana and yogurt choice is a dream. I've been known to lick the raspberry sauce it sits in, right off the plate (ooops, bad manners, sorry, Mom). Their Eggs Benedict is divine -- the sauce is rich and real. And (another reason I love this place), someone always leaves a Sunday paper behind if I forget to bring one. Address: 138 Avenue Road. Tel: 416.923.4822
Larissa Laskin, Film and TV Actor





More brunch bets...



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