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Media Gals Share Best Brunch Bets


Close to book browsing..
Book Worm

My favorite Toronto restaurant for Sunday brunch? Actually, my preferred spot is my own house with great friends around the table. After that, when I do go out for brunch my choice is the Mars Cafe on Yonge -- close to Indigo Bookshop which allows for my week-end book browsing.
Pamela Wallin, TV personality, diplomat

My fab brunch buffet...

My choice is the grand and very swank King Edward Hotel (37 King East, King Street Subway). I like to hit it during the holidays (Christmas or Easter), because that's when the spread of scrumptious delicacies is at its most decadent. There are usually two seatings, but I recommend the later one, because when you're paying this much money, you want to really be able to savor the prime real estate. Plus you can go back as many times as you like -- don't eat for... like, a week before. That's how I prepare for this brunch. You will dine on freshly baked goods, pastries, Belgian waffles and wafer thin crepes. A sea of exotic salads, smoked salmon & oysters, mussels, lobster and crab will ease you into the hot section of the buffet where you will experience nirvana. Eggs, blintzes, fish, pasta, roast beef, soufflés, omelets--the list goes on and on. And for god's sake, save room for dessert --that's a whole other room! To visiting gals, I strongly suggest that you put on your most high budget outfit --one with an inch or two to spare at the waist and treat yourself to an extravagant and delicious experience. It will be worth every penny!
Mary Jo Eustace, Food Expert and TV Personality

Champagne cocktail nouvelle cuisine brunch...

I particularly like Mildred Pierce (99 Sudbury) for brunch. I'm always impressed with their great selection of food as well as the champagne and orange juice by the glass. Their casually chic ambiance is terrific (you'll love the decor), the service is swell and brunching here definitely feels like an occasion. Address: 99 Sudbury Street Telephone: 416.588.5695
Charlotte Empey
, Publisher, Editor in Chief, Homemakers

Best greasy breakfast for hangovers

Action I live in the Beach area of Toronto and, sticking close to home, these are my three regional restaurant favorites. My number one brunch choice is the world famous GOOF. To the uninitiated visitor to Toronto, this is the name for the Garden Gate Chinese eatery ( 2379 Queen E). They serve the best greasy breakfast for hangovers. In fact, if your hangover is particularly brutal, you'll be happy to know that this breakfast is available all day long. Secondly, the Sunset Grill (2006 Queen East near Kew Beach) serves a great all-day breakfast, with the very best toast. Expect lineups on Sundays, so take along the Sunday Star. Last, but not least, I recommend Mersini Greek restaurant and coffee shop. (2120 Queen Street East, west of Lee) I suggest the fabulous combo plate with fabo Greek salad. Mom Mersini is the chef and her three gorgeous sons run the place. My observation -- gorgeous sons make for great scenery!
Rita Zekas, Entertainment Writer, The Toronto Star

Best brunch on Bloor...

Eggs Over Easy is my newest find. If you're looking for a home style breakfast, this is the place to be! Up until 11:00 a.m. in the morning you can get in with no problems, in fact if you have kids even better, they serve you quickly and with a smile. On the plus side --the waffles, pancakes and eggs with bacon can't get any better. On the minus side -- this is not a read the newspaper kind of place. The seats are hard and there is a bustle in there that urges you to eat up and mosey on. Hey, but that's cool, there's lots to do on Bloor street: Royal Ontario Museum, BATA shoe Museum and incredible window shopping at Cartier, Louis Vitton and Chanel. Have fun, girls!
Selina Waxman, PR Maven, Toronto

A healthy brunch after food shopping...

The Whole Foods Market with their huge selection of natural and organic products has finally come to Toronto and that makes me very, very happy. Grocery shopping is a joy here -- it's loads of fun walking the aisles, scanning the shelves for the latest products and taste-testing the newest cookies, cheeses, crisps and wholegrain breads at every turn. But be careful of filling up on all these little freebies. Try to leave some room for the Whole Foods weekend salade and brunch bar starring such goodies as cheese blintzes with fruit topping, quiche, and Good Morning Apple Crisp (sold by weight) for you to eat in or take-away. Once my shopping is done I prefer to settle into their tiny dining area, take out my New York Times, find some cutlery and tuck into my healthy breakfast. Address: 87 Avenue Road. Call: 416.944.0500 for weekend hours.
P.S. Interested in Whole Foods brunch recipes? Check out:
P.P.S. Count on Whole Foods for lovely people watching as well. During the Toronto Film Festival there are constant star sightings and on a regular basis, single, very cute men generally seem to save their grocery shopping for the weekend.
Evelyn Hannon, Editor,





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