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Women Chat About Chicago tips, advice and trivia


Chat, chat, chat...

Chicago--my kind of town..
I must tell you that Chicago is a FABULOUS city. It is known for its excellent Art Institute (housing the best impressionist collection in the world), many play houses (I heard that there's over 150), great restaurants, the Chicago Symphony is one of the best in the world, beautiful lakefront with loads of parks.... etc. etc. etc.
Emily John Peace, Chicago

Transportation is easy in Chicago..
Almost all of the streets run North/South or East/West. There are a few "slanty streets" which can be tricky and all of which radiate from downtown. You can go anywhere in the city for $1.80 - $1.50 + 0.30 for two transfers w/in two hours of original. Transit Cards (where you put $$$ in and a card comes out, use the card on either buses or trains) are available at the train stations and are helpful if you're not so good at budgeting. General rule of thumb, the higher the street numbers get, the further you are getting from downtown. Even street numbers appear on the West & South sides of the street, odds on the North & East.
Rachael L. Howard, Chicago

Princess Diana slept here..
When Princess Diana visited Chicago, her address of choice was The Drake, a grand old hotel that is a home away from home to the world's richest and most famous. Too much for your Journeywoman budget? Be sure to pop into the lobby anyway just to observe how the other half lives.
From Journeywoman Files

Picked up in passing
Lake Shore Drive (where TV diva Oprah Winfrey lives) is a one-block street said to be the single wealthiest block in Chicago and one of the wealthiest in the world. One of the buildings has bedroom vaults for furs. And, there's refrigeration for garbage at the Mayfair Regent Hotel lest it develop a smell.
Source: Insight Guides-Chicago

Workout as the locals do..
A walk in the park is a definite must. a pair of roller blades or a bike and roll/ride on the path that goes alongside the lake. Good fun!
Mark Reitman, Chicago

Frank LLoyd Wright in Chicago
The drive to Oak Park for the Frank Lloyd Wright tour is well worth the effort. I recommend getting a good pamphlet (available at the Chicago Historical Society) and doing it yourself, but the paid tours are o.k. too.
Rachael L. Howard, Chicago

Picked up in passing..
Many airline crews now layover at Motel 6 in Chicago. This modestly priced hotel is in a great area - right off Michigan Avenue (162 East Ontario). They say the rooms are a bit small but the convenient central location more than makes up for it. Tel: 312.787.3580
From Journeywoman Files

Bird watching, food sales and museums..
The Smart Museum at the University of Chicago campus is free (well, a donation box is out, but no one formally takes your "donation"). Sometimes they have really great stuff, like the Rothko exhibit two years ago, and sometimes its just o.k. It's right next to the Court Theater which tends to be good, and walking distance from the Museum of Science and Industry. Jackson Park (just beyond the Museums reflecting pool), has a bird preserve in it which is great for bird-spotting in April (no leaves yet, lots of migrating warblers & mating cardinals, etc). Past the birding area are soccer fields.From May 15-Labor Day several local leagues play there on weekend afternoons. I particularly like to go when MASA (the Hispanic league) plays because of the food for sale.
Rachael L. Howard, Chicago

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