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Her Best Spa Services in Scottsdale, Arizona


Most Elegant Spa Lunch Menu...
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts around the world are well known for their excellent cuisine and the many culinary awards their chefs have garnered. The exceptional chefs in Scottsdale at Troon Lake are no exception. Their Four Seasons Spa Lunch Menu is fabulous! With selections like Five-spiced Rare Ahi Tuna, Herbed Grilled Asparagus Salad and Wild Mushroom Ravioli, calorie counting almost feels like fun. Though you are spa-ing, we hope you'll allow yourself a treat. Journeywoman did and thoroughly enjoyed their Sorbet Cocktails -- assorted sliced fruit & berries plus a trio of exceptional homemade sorbet. Presentation of food and setting is as expected --white tablecloth, china, fresh flowers! Four Seasons Hotels you certainly have Journeyman's vote for the presenting the "Most Elegant Spa Lunch Menu".

Most Varied Spa Program...
The Phoenician's Centre for Well-Being

The Phoenician's Centre for Well-Being stands out from all the rest because of it's eclectic approach to maintaining a healthy life style. On the surface, this luxury spa resort looks and acts like other luxury facilities in the area. There's all the requisite stress reducing massages and facials to choose from, bowls of fresh fruit in the spa waiting room and collagen eye repair if you're planning a big night out on the town. But dig a little deeper and you quickly understand that there is more here than meets the eye.

The Centre for Well-Being identifies themselves as an adult environment of tranquillity and relaxation. That means, in part, that cellular phones and pagers must be turned off at all times, children of 16 and younger are not permitted in the spa, and alcohol is definitely considered a no-no.

The Centre's overall programming goal is to offer total well-being for guests -- in mind, in body and spirit and this is the area that their eclectic programming ideas come into play. Alongside conventional treatments, guests can expect touches of Traditional Chinese healing (reflexology, acupuncture, and acussage, a combination of acupuncture and therapeutic massage). Add to these hints of New Age thought (a serene meditation atrium, reiki chakra balancing, family yoga classes as well as astrology and tarot readings ) and you begin to see why our JW award for "Most Varied Spa Program" goes to this multi-faceted resort.

Most Nurturing Spa Service...
Inn at Camelback

Bravo to the Inn at Camelback and their fabulous massage therapist, Margaret who must have been an angel in another life. Her one hour Hot Stone Massage, so wonderfully executed, made me feel as if I was floating. Imagine Native American flute music being played in the background. The therapist gently places small, smooth, heated basalt stones in the palms of your hands and at strategic pressure points under the stomach. The warmth radiates up through your torso. She then proceeds to massage the body -- sometimes with her hands sometimes with other stones that have been heated to a comfortable temperature.

Not a word passes between the two of you as your aches, pains and stress points succumb to her nurturing touch. Margaret ends her treatment with a wonderful neck and scalp massage. By making the guest feel truly nurtured this therapist elevates her Hot Stone massage from an exceptionally good one to a gold-star great one!

More award-winning spas...






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