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Scottsdale Arizona's Camelback Inn
Her Desert Spa Stop


Evelyn Hannon

What could be more female-friendly and nurturing than a spa located in the foothills of what are called the Mummy Mountains? I kid you not! The range I refer to is in Scottsdale, Arizona, the place is called The Spa at Camelback Inn and I definitely needed some mothering when I arrived for a recent overnight stay.

I had come specifically to sample the spa's "Five Point Renewal Program", a comprehensive one-day service designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. We were to work on nutrition, fitness, mind, face and body. I really needed it! I was a fitness-deficient heathen begging to be converted.

Not a hint of pretension anywhere
t's hard not to like this spa immediately. Low key southwestern ambiance prevails. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is not a hint of pretension anywhere.

First stop was the registration desk where I was issued my uniform for the day - pristine exercise shorts and T-shirt along with slippers and thick white terry robe. This extra service is a real bonus for travellers. As long as you have your own running shoes, there's no need for packing surplus workout clothes.

The morning was spent evaluating
y initial appointment was a one-on-one with fitness trainer, Dawn. Dawn did the dreaded measuring, weighing, and my overall fitness evaluation. She saw the numbers as I got on the scale. She was there as I struggled to do my sit-ups and she remained encouraging throughout. She even promised to carry my suitcase if my muscles were too sore from the weight training she put me through. Dawn and I spent the morning together. Based on her findings, she was able to design a realistic nutrition and exercise program that could easily be incorporated into my daily routine once I got back home. The rest was up to me!

Lunch was lovely!
ewly indoctrinated and repeating my mantra of "lean and lovely", I headed to "Sprouts", the spa restaurant. Their tempting menu made choosing easier by listing the nutritional value of each item available. My entree choice - the Oak Creek Canyon smoked chicken breast and asparagus salad (193 calories with a 4.3 g. fat content ) was ample and excellent. For dessert, I was cruelly seduced by the Sonoran Mist Trifle (342.8 calories) but did not succumb. Dawn would have been proud!

The afternoon was pleasure, pleasure, pleasure!
he morning had been hard work but I was soon to get my just rewards. The remainder of the day was devoted to de-stressing, detoxifying plus pampering and I loved every minute of it. This time it was Angela who was in charge and, she knew her stuff. She began with a full body wrap of algae, aromatherapy oils and creams designed to restore the skin's softness. Then came a hydrotherapy treatment designed to increase circulation, relax the muscles and detoxify. The session drew to a close with an essential oil wrap and lovely, nurturing massage . Last item on my beauty menu was a cleansing and moisturizing facial. This was relaxation heaven and I hated the idea of dressing again, getting into my car and heading back to the real world.

Instead, I went outside to the pool area and lay on a chaise lounge. The sun was shining. New Age flute melodies floated from the main building. An attendant served me a tall cool glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I sipped slowly as I looked out at the Mummy Mountains. For now, I was a truly satisfied woman!

De-stress to Spa Music
Ongoing soothing background music added to the relaxing ambiance at Camelback Inn. Try to track down some of these titles for at home de-stressing. They're wonderful!

Valley in the Clouds - David Arkenstone
After the Rain - Karunesh
Music to Disappear In - Raphael
Fragrances of a Dream - Daniel Kobialka
Feather Light - Hilary Stagg

Strawberry-Apple Spa Smoothie
For a healthy low fat snack, blend the following:
6 oz. Strawberry Yogurt
5 Fresh Strawberries
1/2 Peeled Apple
1/2 Banana
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 Scoop Crushed Ice

A Camelback Inn Spa recipe

For further information on specific rates and services, contact The Spa at Camelback Inn @ 800-24-CAMEL.





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