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Globus Hotel


Terme di Saturnia -- An Italian Spa Experience
la dolce vita (the sweet life)...


What should I pack?

A few tips... suitcase

2-3 bathing suits; you're in them most of the time.

Exercise clothes for classes and early morning walks.

In the colder months, sweatpants and a jacket for early morning walks.

A better pair of shoes along with your running/walking shoes.

You can go into the dining room wearing exercise clothes at breakfast but you are asked "to dress" for lunch and dinner. At lunch a t-shirt and pants are just fine. Pack something a bit dressier for the evening. Some of the Italian women wore eveningwear while others wore a simple black shirt, an elegant scarf and black trousers. They all looked wonderful!

A spa recipe...

frying panIf you do not want to eat your eggs boiled or poached, just put two tablespoons of tomato juice or milk, or water with a pinch of stock added, in a small pan (preferably nonstick); when the liquid comes to a boil add the eggs, either beater or whole. You can also add artichokes, mushroom, zucchini, etc.

(Source: Terme di Saturnia, The Saturnia Diet booklet)

A spa de-stressing formula...

computerThese easy mobility exercises are wonderful for reducing the stress that accumulates in your body. Why not try them now as you sit at your computer?

#1 - Turn your head gently from side to side 10 times very slowly.

#2 - Draw the ear towards the shoulder, alternating sides very slowly ten times.

#3 - Roll your head gently side to side very slowly 10 times.

#4 - Breath deeply, slowly and relaxed 5 times.

How's that? Feeling better now? Then please read on...

(Source: Stress: the Solution of the Problem at Terme di Saturnia. Edited by Dr. Nicola Angelo Fortunati and Dr.Tiziana Aureli, 1995)

woman under dryer

Mother-daughter bonding and beautifying...

A perfect finale to a perfect holiday in Italy! After you and mom have completely tired yourself out shopping and sightseeing in Florence and Rome, head for the country and a regenerating spa experience. The spa's special Mother & Daughter program includes 7 days of full board accommodation, excellent cuisine, thermal soaks as well as beauty treatments galore. Click here for further info.

Getting there...


The nearest airport is Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino (Rome), located approximately 150 km from Terme di Saturnia.

The nearest railway stations are Grosseto (Rome-Genoa train), at approximately 60 km from Saturnia and Orvieto (Milan-Rome train) at 85 km from Saturnia.

The hotel organizes transfers from the airport and the railway stations on request. Tel: ++39/564/601061

At Rome Fiumicino airport, Hertz offers rental cars at special rates for Hotel Terme di Saturnia guests. Tel: ++39/564/601061

Thanks for the networking...


Our sincere thanks to Barbara Scorza and the staff at Terme di Saturnia for offerring Journeywoman their very excellent hospitality. We're delighted to count them a part of Journeywoman's International Network!

AlitaliaOur appreciation goes to Martino Mainardi and Diana Khoury of Alitalia Airlines (Head Office, Canada) who so kindly made arrangements for our Toronto - Rome return flights. Journeywoman's Italian experience really started as soon as we boarded the Alitalia aircraft. By the time we arrived in Rome, we had already sampled Italian food and wine, and our ears were attuned to the sound of the Italian language as it should be spoken. A first class mini cultural immersion! To find out about Alitalia offices around the world, please click here.


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