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Toilet Tips -- What Every Woman Traveller Should Know


Another cure for odors in bathrooms...
Travelling in China, I found the washroom facilities in public places were almost always workable. However, there were times that the odours could be overwhelming. A lady on my tour brought along a very tiny bottle of lavender oil. A sniff of a small drop on my finger tip was a blessing and made the bathroom situation much more bearable.
(Shirley Yarmoloy, Delta, Canada)


Wear a long skirt in developing countries...
The floors in the public toilets I've used in India were always wet and very dirty. Wear pants if you must but the bottoms of those pants are going to get wet. Instead wear a long skirt that you can hike up away from the mess. A long skirt is also so much better when you have to go beside the road or by the side of your tour bus. It affords you at least a tiny bit of modesty.


Free tissue in Japan...
In Tokyo's city core there are people handing out free tissue. You'll see some Japanese people refusing to take it. That's because the companies offering freebies are advertising "escort services." Our advice is for women travellers to take the tissue and pretend you don't know what's being advertised. Because, when you get to a Japanese washroom you'll find that many of them do not have tissue and then you'll think...what a thoughtful freebie!
(Journeywoman files)


Bathroom etiquette in Japan...
When using the toilet facilities, you will find a pair of toilet slippers for the exclusive use of this room. Leave your house slippers outside the door and slip on this special footwear. Be sure to remember to change back again before returning to the living room.
(Raise Your Cultural IQ, Louisa Nedkov, Trade Winds Publication Inc)


Japanese toilets are fun...
Once you have used the Japanese version of a Western toilet, it's hard to come home. In a pristine, quiet and privately enclosed space, complete with purse hook, bench and a gently warmed seat, they have built-in front and back bidets controlled at the touch of a button (like a car wash) and, for the toilet-timid, sound effects like faux-flushing, birdsong or chimes summoned with a wave of the hand. Western public toilets and their grimy bathroom stalls now fill me with dread.
(Source: National Post Newspaper)


Best free public toilets in London, England...
We all need to know where the best loos are in central London whether we're visiting or local. London train stations (not tube stations) all have toilets but are not usually free. These public toilets have been chosen by London Travel for their close location to major London attractions. (Remember, all museums and galleries have free loos too.)

The nearest free public toilets to Buckingham Palace are in St. James's Park. Go up The Mall -- the long road in front of Buckingham Palace, towards Trafalgar Square -- and enter the park on the right at Marlborough Gate. There are men, women, and disabled toilet facilities. For more great advice, just click here:


A tip about toilets in Korea...
ere's some advice for JourneyWomen around the world. Don't expect toilet tissue in all public restrooms in Korea. In this country it's customary to bring your own. When you go into Korea's small little markets or convenience stores, you'll notice flat, plastic packs of tissue papers - the whole pack is about the size of a standard greeting card. These are their travel packs of toilet paper. I suggest you buy several of them. They can even be 'fun' gifts to bring home for your travelling girlfriends.
(Lisa, New York, USA)


Washroom in New York's Chinatown...
Have a peek at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (65 Bayard Street). Look at the flavors. A little different from the Baskin-Robbins, isn't it? Lychee, green tea and red bean are a few of the selections. Those feeling less bold may choose from some of the classics, too. At the Bowery, check out the Chinese Pagodalike Macdonald's with Ronald sitting out front on a bench. This is a good place to use a bathroom as they are somewhat hard to come by in Chinatown.



Best Bathroom Times on an Aircraft...

Sick of standing in long queues for the bathroom on flights? The key to finding a free washroom is all in the timing. Usually most passengers wait until after the meal trays are completely collected to clamber over their fellow travellers. Then they have to wait, wait, wait for interminable lengths in the loo-line-up. Here are a few “hostie” (that’s what we call flight attendants in our part of the world) tips about the best times to “Go” on an aircraft. More...

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