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When you are sick on the road...

9. A good doctor -- How do you find a reputable doctor on the road?

  1. Log on to IAMAT's website. See #4 above.
  2. Check with your country's embassy. Ask which MD their employees use when they are ill. Ditto for dentists.
  3. Most hotels or hostels can summon or recommend a hotel doctor.
  4. Most hotels or hostels should be able to tell you which hospital/clinic they recommend.
  5. Most hotels can direct you to the closest pharmacy and can arrange for your prescriptions to be picked up and delivered by taxi if necessary.

10. Subscribe to the free Journeywoman Travel Tip Newsletter -- It's where travelling women worldwide offer other women advice about their cities. Here is a sample of medical tips that have been included:

NOT FEELING WELL IN MILAN? -- writes Roberta from Milan, Italy -- Perish the thought that a Journeywoman should need such a thing but just in case a doctor's or dentist's assistance is required while you are in Milan, feel free to call upon The Milan Clinic. Not only English-speaking but also British - or U.S.-trained medics are available by appointment from Monday to Friday. The address is 25 Via Cerva, which is round the corner from Via Durini, one of the city's most elegant shopping streets. Metro stop: San Babila.

11. Male or female doctors -- Females being examined by a male doctor they are not familiar with can ask for another woman to be present in the examining room. Authors Maggie and Gemma Moss suggest "it may well be possible to be seen by a woman doctor -- you certainly shouldn't assume that there won't be any -- particularly in Moslem countries ... If you can't find a woman doctor and need a gynaecological examination, take a friend along as a chaperone, or insist on a nurse being present."

12. Be extra good to yourself -- Finally, we all know that being sick on the road is not fun. If you aren't dealing with anything that is dramatic the best thing for you to do is to slow down for a day or two. Your body needs the rest. Don't push it to do more than it can do and you'll probably bounce back quickly. Take the time to read a good book, drink lots of fluids, catch up on writing postcards or emails, write in your diary, watch TV in another language, download a chick flick and ... if your condition allows, eat lots and lots of chocolate. You'll feel better in no time!


A great medical service in Paris...

I'd like visitors to my city to know that if you forget a prescription at home or have a medical emergency, there is a wonderful Doctor-on-call service called SOS. Phone # 01-47-07-77-77. It costs the same for French citizens and visitors alike (50-90 euros). They are wonderful here. We waited a grand total of 20 minutes from the time we called from our hotel until the doctor arrived. No lengthy forms to fill out, just a sweet doctor arriving on your doorstep or hotel step, a check-up to understand your problem and a prescription that is easily filled at one of two 24 hour pharmacies within Paris. I hope this is a help to other travelling women. Stay healthy everybody!
(Submitted by Oriana from Paris, France)


Carry clove oil when you travel...

One travel tip that I've found to be very useful when I'm on the road is to keep a bottle of Clove Oil with me. Yep, aside from smelling like Easter-dinner-in-a-bottle, it's an amazing analgesic and antibiotic. Great for tooth aches (or any mouth discomfort), teething pain, nausea and lots more. The herbalists can tell us more about this remarkable antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic, but for me it's an essential oil that's an essential traveling companion.
(Submitted by Linda in Midlothian, USA)

Editor's note: Thanks, Linda! We'll be checking with our local health food store to find out more about this oil. We always like to be sure we're using it in the proper way before we put it into my suitcase.


A woman's medical love story...

My Doctor, My Sister is an article written by Ellen Rich a Journeywoman living in the UK. It is about her and her husband who travel to Tunisia and Ellen miscarries while far from home and her own gynecologist. The story is sad but it's an an incredible tale of bonding between two women from very different parts of the world. Click here to read the full account.


Doctor recommended Pepto Bismol...

When I sailed around the world with Semester at Sea there was a full ship assembly before arriving in each new destination. During that time the ship's doctor cautioned us on how to avoid tummy upsets while in that port. We learned where we could eat, what we could eat and what we could drink. In some of the countries where we had to be most careful he suggested taking a Pepto Bismol tablet to coat our stomach before each meal. He also reminded us that these tablets might turn our tongues and our stools a dark black color and we should not panic. That black disappears as soon as you stop taking the tablets. I used those tablets, was careful, and never had a tummy upset. Now the choice is up to you but be sure to read any warnings on the bottle and whether they apply to you.
(Evelyn Hannon, Editor

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