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A Journeywoman's Beat-the-Heat Fact Sheet


Your body is an absolutely wonderful machine with its own built-in cooling system. That system depends on keeping a fluid balance within your body. As the temperature rises, your body's "air conditioning" mechanism switches to "on" and sweat glands begin to excrete fluids and salts. Simply put, these evaporate on the skin's surface and voila! You begin cooling off.

However, problems can arise when your body becomes too hot and/or you don't have enough fluids to keep your cooling system running at optimum power.

Whether you are spending your summer holiday in North America or planning a winter trip to the tropics, it helps to keep the following basic beat-the-heat advice in mind.


When it's hot, hot, hot...

Sightsee in early morning or late afternoon.

Don't exercise or work in the heat of the day.

Wear loose-fitting, light coloured cottons and avoid synthetics.

Safeguard yourself from UVB and UVA rays with high-protection factor sunscreens, sun glasses and wide rim hats.

Take frequent cool but not icy showers.

Drink enough water. Light colored urine indicates that you are well hydrated. Carry bottled water with you if necessary.

Remember that coffee and alcohol tend to dehydrate.

(M. Assunta Uffer-Marcolongo, International Association for Medical Travellers - IMAT)


Iced tea is not fuel for your cooling system...

You probably think iced coffee, chilled white wine or an ice cold beer may seem like the perfect thirst quenchers. Wrong! They are all dehydrating and will increase your body's fluid loses. So, go ahead and enjoy them. But always be sure to down a couple of water chasers.

(Source: Thirst Quenchers by Rosie Schwartz, RD, GUSTO! Summer 1997 issue.)


Real fruit flavored water...

Remember water is calorie-free and void of additives. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, flushes toxins ffrom organs, regulates body temperature, keeps your skin moist and cushions your joints.

If you want some flavor in your water, add sliced citrus fruit, crushed mint leaves or a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice. Or make your own ice cubes from 100% fruit juice and add to your glass of water.

(Source: Leslie Beck, Toronto-based dietician, Website:


Wear Cotton or natural fibre clothes...

Clothes made from cotton or natural fibre breathe better and help keep your body cool in the heat because they absorb moisture well and keep it away from your skin thereby cooling you down. Manmade fibres like nylon and rayon or polyester trap heat and can make you feel hotter. Its rather like being suffocated slowly in a plastic bag. White and light colours reflect heat while black and dark colours absorb heat like a sponge and retain it. So, when it's hot, wear light coloured clothing. I’ve never been so glad that I do not have a strict dress code at work so I can keep cool with light colours and light clothing as opposed to dark formal stuffy corporate suits – lucky me!

(Excerpt from Kuala Lumpur)


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