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Keep Your Body Happy Inflight


Being a traveller is great fun but reaching that dream destination often requires long airplane hauls under less than perfect conditions. When flying, our journey women bodies struggle to adapt to limited space, changes in cabin pressure, the air we’re breathing and different time zones.

Before my last trip to Hong Kong, I researched our own files and spoke to experts about keeping my body happier in the sky. I put what I learned into practice and I must say it made my flight much easier. Now, in true JW networking style, I pass this information on to you. I hope that “getting there” becomes half the fun, ladies. Happy flying!

She dresses comfortably...

Wear loose clothes...Travelling in comfortable, casual clothes that don’t restrict body movement is always a good idea. Recreate the comfort of pajamas. Think about loose tops and pants with flexible waist bands in materials that don’t crease easily. In terms of footwear be aware that your feet are bound to swell during the flight. It makes sense to avoid travelling in pull-on boots; shoes with laces will make life a lot easier.

And yes, it is more comfortable to slip your shoes off during the flight. However, according to Fred Pack, retired Northwest Airlines Captain, “slippers must never be worn during takeoff and landing. Nor should high heeled shoes ever be worn during that segment of a flight. If the need to evacuate the aircraft ever occurred, you might have to move very quickly and possibly have to run through burning material. Thus the need for low, tightly laced shoes.”

Note to JourneyMamas: When travelling overnight with young children, it’s a good idea to pack at least their pajama tops. Changing at bedtime helps your kiddies to understand that even though they’re not at home, on the airplane, this is the time allotted for sleeping.

She spritzes the air around her...

Drink lots of water...Be smart! Prepare yourself for the extreme dryness of aircraft cabins. Prior to flight time, cleanse your skin and moisturize very well. Even if Prince Charming might possibly be sitting in the next seat, avoid wearing makeup when flying. A little lip balm and eyeliner are fine but, in general, allow your skin to breath. During the flight keep reapplying moisturizer to your face, neck and hands. This can make a very big difference to how your skin feels post-flight. Brenda, a Canadian Airlines flight attendant adds the following advice... “ When I fly as a passenger, I carry a very small plastic sprayer (a hairspray sample bottle) filled with clean water and “spritz” my face and the air around me whenever possible.” P.S. Brenda even covers her face with a moist washcloth when the cabin lights are out and she’s resting.

Try to drink a lot of water. Having a glass of water for every hour you’re in the air is a very good way to minimize jet lag. Fruit juice helps as well but don’t drink too much of it if you’re counting calories. Avoid wine or other alcoholic beverages; they are extremely dehydrating. Want to help yourself to sleep during the flight? Pack some Chamomile or Sleepy Time herbal tea bags in your carry-on. Some women swear by them.

P.S. If you wear contact lenses, the dryness in the cabin may possibly make your eyes very sore. Pack your regular glasses, just in case!

She copes with cabin pressure...

Ouch, this hurts...Chewing gum, sucking on hard candies or “great big yawns” can help to relieve the pressure that builds up in your ears, especially during the plane’s descent.

When travelling with your journey baby, carry a bottle or pacifier for the baby to suck on during take-off and landing. This helps to equalize ear pressure and keeps the baby more comfortable.

Have a cold? Check with your doctor about taking either a decongestant or nasal spray before boarding. We’re told this can reduce some of the pressure buildup in your ears.






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