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Keep Your Body Happy Inflight


She holds her own exercise class...

Sitting for a long time can make you feel stiff and lethargic. This lack of movement (as you sit with seatbelt buckled up), can slow down your body’s circulation preventing oxygen from getting to the joints and muscles. Stretching is an invaluable solution to keeping your muscles limber and to energize you as you head overseas. Personal Fitness Trainer, Susan Lee suggests the following six exercises to take on board. Either do them on your own or invite the person next to you to join you. Who knows? This could be the start of a new inflight friendship!

Warm-up with toe taps...
To immediately increase the circulation to your body and prevent blood pooling in your legs, begin with toe taps. Tap 10 times to the right and 10 times to the left. Then alternate right and left for an additional set of 10. To add greater range of motion through the ankle joint, repeat this exercise tapping your heels to the floor.

Ankle circles and numbers...
Using your big toe as a pencil, start writing numbers -- one through eight --first with the right foot, then with the left. Heading off to Hong Kong? You can do a few more number eights. In the Chinese culture, the number eight signifies prosperity.

Hip, hop on your hip... Sitting on your behind, can be a precursor to the “numb bum syndrome.” Sitting way back in your seat, shift your body weight from side to side as you move forward on your seat. Pause and then repeat the “hip hop” action backwards.

Str-r-retch those musclesSpinal spirals...
Your back was meant for movement in numerous directions. For the rotational movement, slowly turn your body to the left and hold. Repeat to the right. Breathing allows you to relax into the stretched position, so take a deep breath in and exhale as you spiral to each side. Repeat as needed.

Shoulder shrugs...
Slowly bring your shoulders up towards your ears. Hold for two counts. Then slowly push your shoulders downward as far away from your ears as possible.

Neck stretches...
Sitting up in your seat as tall as you can and looking forward, slowly bring your right ear towards your right shoulder. You will feel the stretch on the left side of your neck. Repeat the same with the left ear going towards the left shoulder. This is a great way to rid the stiffness from your neck muscles.

Ed. note: Why not print and pack a copy of these exercises in your carry-on. Then, should you feel any stiffness coming on, you can go through all of the stretches or simply choose the one that suits you for the moment.

(Source: Her Own Way, Journeywoman files, Woman’s China Kit)

P.S. Flying can lead to pregnancy...

Sorry, Journeywoman didn't mean to scare you. We were just trying to get your attention. Of course, it's not the actual flying that causes pregnancy. If you use contraceptive pills, try not to be misled by crossing time zones. Be sure to take your pills every 24 hours. Miss one and that could cause pregnancy.





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