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Looking Good, Feeling Good on the Road


Evelyn Hannon

Each of us has our own way of maintaining our health and polished appearance while we travel. With continuous practice and research we develop short cuts to fitness, proper hygiene and good grooming. From carrying mini bottles of moisturizer and 'Crazy Glue' to great menu choices on long distance carriers, here are wellness words of wisdom from JourneyWomen around the world. If you have a tip you'd like to add, simply email: Put the words 'travel wellness' in the subject line. Many thanks to all our visitors who choose to contribute!

Practice yoga on the road...

I've been a Yoga devotee for the past six years. I always travel with my ultra thin travel mat, set the alarm fifteen to twenty minutes earlier than the day begins for sightseeing and go through my own yoga routine gleaned from years of practice. I do this in bare feet on the mat and since it's longer than I am tall, the carpet bacteria and I don't connect. In this way, each day begins with unlimited energy and I feel great about continuing my exercise routine while exploring another locale.
Arlene, Bethesda, USA

Remember your antibacterial soap...

I have three very simple rules for when I travel. (1) Always wear comfortable walking shoes. (2) Do not buy food from the street vendors (always go to an indoors restaurant), and (3) carry a bottle of hand sanitizer like Purell.
Gio, St. George, Canada

Begin your day with stretches...

Morning stretches are a great health-enhancer -- whether you're on the road or at home. You don't even have to be a Yoga buff. Try something as simple as this. Drop to your hands and knees and begin with a high-bowed cat back stretch, while breathing out, and then move slowly to an arched sway-back doggie pose while inhaling slowly. Repeat until you feel ready for the world. And if you tire while out sightseeing, find a bench and sit tall and straight, eyes closed, giving full attention to long, slow breathes. I find this a great pick-me-up.
Ruthanna, USA

Eat where the locals eat...

I'm an Indian woman. This is my routine for keeping fit on the road in India or when I travel out of my country:
(1) Eat plenty of fruit, especially ones that you have to peel the skin in order to eat.
(2) Skip heavy lunches, make do with soup/salad/sandwiches.
(3) Go for an early morning stroll or take sometime off to do regular exercises.
(4) If you have to eat at restaurants or roadside eateries, eat where the locals eat, especially the college and office crowds.
Uttara, Calcutta, India

Zone Workout on TV...

For me, the key to staying healthy on the road is a daily workout. I found out that some hotels offer a pay-per-view TV program called the Zone Workout. I choose what I'm in the mood for (cardio stretching, total body workout, core conditioning, Pilates, or yoga), strip down to my underwear, and spend 20 minutes with an onscreen trainer who guides my brain-dead self through a routine. There's no need to carry extra equipment I simply use what's in the room. When I'm done, I hit the shower and relax. As that British chef guy says, "easy peazy." I'm hooked and now when I am traveling...I have to make sure that the Zone Workout is offered before I book a room there.
Nidia, Texas, USA

Too much sitting at conferences...

Here's my hint to fight a condition that I call 'conference sluggishness.' I try to get a group of people to walk with me in the morning or for a brisk walk late evening after the daily program. Not only is this a much needed form of good exercise after lots of sitting, it is also a lovely way to make new travel friends. Walkers should always check with the hotel front desk for advice on safe as well as picturesque walking routes.
Marcia, Louisville, USA

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