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Looking Good, Feeling Good on the Road


Advice from a nurse who travels...

I have been a registered nurse for 34 years and I travel a great deal.
Here's my advice for other JourneyWomen:
(1) Wash your hands - a lot.
(2) Get enough sleep.
(3) Take a good multiple vitamin and Vitamin C daily.
(4) Wear comfortable shoes.
(5) Carry written essential medical history as well as your own doctors' phone numbers and email addresses (where possible). Any physician in any country can get your records if you get sick.
Annette, Angola, USA

Pack Nordic Walking poles...

I live in Germany; I'm over 50 years old and my hobbies include, travelling, cross-country skiing, bicycle riding and swimming. However, I have recently discovered a popular craze in Europe called Nordic Walking. Similar to cross-country skiing, one exercises the arm, neck and leg muscles using poles - an overall advantage of 20% to 40% over regular walking. Pack (collapsible) poles when travelling and keep fit in the city or countryside; warm or cold weather. For photos see the Finnish website in English at As an ardent traveller and fan of this sport, I can recommend Nordic Walking for all age groups, male or female. Have fun and keep walking!
Jacqui, Munich, Germany

No jet lag...

I stay fit and healthy when flying long distances by taking "No Jet Lag Pills" (they are homeopathic, made in New Zealand, and sold in the U.S.). On board, I drink only water and juices (lots of it!) to keep from becoming dehydrated. I never eat heavy airline food instead I order a lighter veggie orAsian meal. I walk about the airplane during the flight, and to get over jet lag the day after arriving at my destination I spend as much time as possible in the sun.
Kathy, Tzfon Yehuda, Israel

Walking in the airport...

One of the easy ways to keep in shape while travelling is to use the airport as a walking path. Between connections, I walk around the airport (inside), making use of all the steps, instead of the people movers. If I stay at an hotel, early in the morning I take the stairs to the highest floor and then walk down. I pick up the pace if there are only a few floors, or I do a few repeats. I find that this is an invigorating way to start my day.
Jeanne, USA

Nine grooming tips from Hong Kong...

(1) Try Shu Uemura cleansing beauty oil -- a make up remover and cleanser extraodinaire --two very essential products in one. Especially when I travel I like to make sure I wear sunscreen on my face and this product takes everything off easily and quickly. No blocked pores or oily residue = happy skin.

(2) When travelling on a beach holiday pack a few hot oil hail treatments to use on the road to help hold back the sun and salt damage.

(3) After washing your hair sleep with conditioner in hair whilst covered with the disposable shower cap. The next day your hair will be so soft and smell so nice.

(4) Always carry a small bottle of perfume, it will make you feel good so no matter what clothing you wear you wear it with confidence.

(5) Since flying dries the skin, carry a moisturising mask to use the first night you get off the plane. Preferably use a 'put on and wipe off' mask so its hassle free.

(6) Always collect samples of products to use on trips so you don't have to carry lots of big bottles and jars.

(7) A good lipgloss and eye liner is often all you need to look dressed.

(8) Carry all 'wet' - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, rasor, toothpaste, etc, in doubled up ziplock bags. Then pack all of them in a cosmetic bag with plastic lining. This prevents spills onto your clothing.

(9) Wear a smile all the time - because it makes you feel good, look good and its infectious.
Eva, Hong Kong, Asia

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