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Looking Good, Feeling Good on the Road


Her egg yolk facial...

My favorite remedy for when my skin breaks out when I travel is 'egg yolks.' Simply separate the whites from the yolks, apply a coat of the yolk to your face for 15-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. The vitamin A in egg yolks tightens and cleanses your pores and helps even out your skin tone. This is a natural, cheap face mask you can apply anywhere in the world!
Layne, USA

One massage twenty different ways...

On a recent round-the-world trip, I tried to enjoy a massage in each of the twenty countries I visited. Each was helpful -- each was different. In New Zealand, you keep your underwear on; in Hong Kong, they jump up on the table and walk on your back; in VietNam they give you a chiropractic adjustment and in Bali, the massage is right there on the beach under the palm trees. Heaven!
Brenda, Salt Spring Island, Canada

I rely on yoghurt...

Fortify your intestinal health by consuming yogurt containing "live active cultures" daily for a week or two before your trip. This has been my secret weapon for years. My favorite yogurt, Stonyfield Farm brand, contains not only acidophilus but five other helpful organisms as well.

Alternatively, you could take supplements containing acidophilus and other live cultures. Select a supplement that does not need to be refrigerated.
Continue this throughout your trip to maintain a large colony of "friendly"
bacteria in your system. You can find delicious yogurts overseas; just be sure they're pasteurized and refrigerated. I'm especially fond of Greek yogurt, which is thick, rich and usually served with honey and walnuts.

While eating yogurt won't protect against food and water that should not be consumed, I believe it has helped acclimate my body to some of the foreign bacteria encountered in travel and lessened my susceptibility to diarrhea, constipation and stomach upsets.

Be aware that taking antibiotics kills both the good and bad bacteria in your body, so yogurt, or the equivalent supplements, will help restore a healthy balance of good bacteria. Happy travels, everybody!
Sharon, Atlanta, USA

Ed. note: Sharon is is a travel expert, the creator of as well as a friend. Thanks, Sharon!

I rely on alternative medicine...

To help avoid tummy upset when travelling I recommend taking probiotics. Two brands in particular that I like are Florajen 3 (three differents strands of bacteria) and Culturelle (L. Acidophilus). These healthy bacteria you are ingesting help to fight off bad bacteria and keep everything in balance.
Amy, USA

Ed. note: These products can usually be found at reputable health food stores. It's always a good idea to check with your physician before taking any new products.

The chef steams veggies for me...

This is how I stay healthy. (1) I always make sure that I go for a run every morning and if possible I ensure that my hotel has a gym, or I talk to the staff and see if they can recommend a safe running route for me. (2) In restaurants I chat to the waiters and ask if the chef can steam some veggies and grill some chicken for my dinner. They are usually happy to do this for me if I ask nicely! (3) I buy fresh foods from local markets each day and cook them up in the hostel I am staying in. (4) I walk everywhere - its such a great way to get to know a city or place. You see so much more than you would if you were using a car or public transport and (added benefit) you always get to meet local people this way. You also don't even notice how fit you're getting as you wander around.
Andrea, Wellington, New Zealand

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