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Looking Good, Feeling Good on the Road


Travel with your adult children...

Last summer my son, his wife, her mother, and I were on a Scandinavian tour. Our kids, (about 50 years old), full of energy, would walk around the lunch stop areas and find grocery stores. They wanted the fast walking exercise and her Mom and I were glad to have them do it. The kids would buy local bread, fruit, and cheese. We had wonderful picnics in beautiful locations. Everyone was happy. We ate healthy and enjoyable lunches outdoors in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
Geri, El Cajon, California, USA
Ed. note: Did you do any walking with them?

Jump, jump, jump...

My staying healthy rules for other JourneyWomen are as follows. Always pre-order vegetarian meals from the airlines as it is the only meal which always includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Pack a skipping rope for exercise. You can do this exercise either in your hotel room or outside on an appropriate surface. Who knows? Maybe some local kiddies will come and join you.
Gail, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Pack black, black, black...

Hola from Mexico. When this Journeywoman travels to Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, France or the U.S. I have several rules. (1) Drink water, water, water (bottled where necessary) and lots of it. (2) Pack a bunch of black knit dresses -- knee length, long, sleeveless, short sleeved, elbow length or long sleeved. These dresses, available at a lot of retailers or online are wrinkle proof, launder in a sink and look great with sandals. Dress them up and you can go to La Scala. Add some bronzer and a great lipstick and you're good to go anywhere!
Wendy, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

Blisters be gone...

Here is a fail proof treatment for treating blisters that I picked up in my college basketball days. Cut out a donut shaped piece of "Moleskin" (by Dr. Scholl's). Make the inner hole portion just larger than your blister and place firmly on skin around the blister. Fill the hole with neosporin or vaseline and fix a bandaid over the top. This protects the blister and is wonderfully painfree as you walk, walk, walk..
Liz, Seattle, USA

Be nice to your inner kid...

I stay fit, healthy and feeling great on the road by taking the same good care of me that I have always taken of my children. When my children were small, I would never have dreamed of leaving for a trip without anticipating their needs. Now I anticipate mine. I know that extra weight adds age, and I strive to stay lean and healthy. I take notice of healthy treats such as Luna energy bars for women and pack these treats. I carry water and fresh fruit wherever possible. There's something classy about a 62 year old woman eating a fresh apple instead of a donut. The part that's hard to put into words is that the child in me appreciates everything I do. In return, she gives me energy, enthusiasm, and a good time out on the road. This little light in me shines because I take good care of it.
Gloria, Garland, Texas, USA

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