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Looking Good, Feeling Good on the Road


Pink Pepto-Bismal...

This tip is one that comes from Dr Dean Edell who is on radio in my area and wrote "Eat, Drink and Be Merry." Dean says that in areas where you have reason to be wary of the food, take Pepto-Bismol, either tablets or liquid just before meals. The chemical bismuth in it is extremely unfriendly to bacteria, (hopefully) disabling them before they can disable you.
Ginny Reed, California foothills, USA

Ed. note:
I've used Pepto-Bismal in the past but I still always rely first on good hygiene when it comes to food. And, if the water is questionable, buy bottled water no matter how expensive it is. It just isn't worth getting sick over

An Air France yoga video...

Here is my tip for staying healthy on the plane. Several years ago we flew Air France from Toronto to Paris. I was delighted to discover that in between movies, they showed a lovely yoga video which featured people doing gentle exercises on a gorgeous tropical beach. I followed along, feeling myself drifting into a lovely calm space. I felt great when I got off the plane and my jet lag seemed much less than usual. Now, even without the video, I try to do several sets of stretches on any flight of more than a few hours, and on the really long-hauls, I get up and seriously stretch. Air France also provided a small exercise brochure which I keep in my travel bag as a gentle reminder to: (1) point and flex your toes, (2) rotate your ankles, (3) rotate your shoulders, (4) stretch your arms behind the back of your neck, (5). bend your head backwards and forwards, (6) rotate your head in circles (look down to the floor, to the side, then up to the ceiling, etc).Try it, it really works!
Maxanne, Toronto, Canada

Adjust your inner clock...

If I arrive at an overseas destination early enough, I take a short nap and then try to stay up until 9 or 10:00 and then take a prescription sleeping pill. That way I will adjust my inner clock, sleep 7 - 8 hours and not wake up in the middle of the night. I also make sure to pack extra vitamins (E, C and calcium) as well as standard cold medications just in case I need them.
Bea, Minneapolis, USA

Carry Crazy Glue...

Carry two pairs of eyeglasses or a small tube of Crazy Glue. I learned this rule the hard way. My last eye glass prescription was so expensive I only ordered one pair. Bad move if you are a traveller. My new glass frame broke, I was a 1,000 miles from home and blind as a bat. Thank goodness I was able to locate some Crazy Glue. Then with some simple repair my broken glasses held up until I got home. Phew!
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

Dressing up on the road...

I'm a 65 year old Journeywoman. In real life I am a businesswoman who must be well-dressed, well-groomed, etc. all the time. Not so when I'm travelling. On the road I cut back on extra fussing simply because I don't want to fill my backpack with reams of cosmetics and creams. I have a manicure before I leave but ask for colorless polish so chipping is not really visible. I substitute my make-up remover and astringent with an all purpose skin cleanser (Spectro Jel found in North American drugstores) that can be used both on the face and body as well. I never pack shampoo but I do carry a sample of excellent hair conditioner which allows me to use the sometimes harsh shampoos found in some hotels. Handcreams are easily available in testers at cosmetic counters everywhere. I make good use of those (that's what they're there for). I always ask for samples when I buy my regular moisturizer. These are the ones that go into my travel cosmetic bag. I take no jewellry because it's fun to buy inexpensive earrings from street vendors (give these a good cleaning with alcohol when you get home and they make swell informal gifts for grandchildren). Finally, I always take along a few glitzy (drug store variety) hair clips. Wear black, a few of these clips and you're ready for a fancy restaurant or, even, the opera. No one will ever guess that you're the same woman who has been packpacking for the last two weeks. Have a wonderful time everybody!
Beatrice, La Hague, Holland

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