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Travellin' Women Try Natural Healing
...healthy alternatives on the road

Lee Ronald is the founder of the Women�s Travel Advisory Bureau, a UK based information service for travelling women. In her Women�s Travel Information Pack, she supplies readers with her natural remedies for staying fit as you journey.

Pre-menstrual Tension isn�t fun...

Pre-menstrual Tension has had a lot of bad press of late, with many eminent figures - notably women - refusing to believe it actually exists. If you do suffer from it, you will know otherwise! If possible, try to avoid flying at this time, and do not schedule anything that is particularly stressful - heading off to another country, starting a job, making the complete circuit of some vast tourist site, etc.

You might like to try relievers such as a warm bath, Lavender oil dropped on a handkerchief and inhaled at intervals, bananas take away my, any stress busting activity such as reading-nothing sad or intense - moderate exercise or meditation.

Most of all don�t push yourself - rest if you need, and indulge yourself. Don�t berate yourself for not being as energetic as you wished, you�ll only feel worse! Schedule a treat a day for yourself - be it some particularly luscious fruit, or a visit to a theater.

Vitamin B - found in dairy products, fresh vegetables, bananas, eggs and fish - is said to have a beneficial effect on PMT symptoms so increase your intake if you haven�t brought any Vitamin B tablets with you.

Period pain -- abdominal cramps...

There are a number of simple exercises effective in tackling abdominal cramps. Reflexology and Acupressure work on treating pressure points which correspond to associated areas. These treatments can be used successfully for many problems including period pain.

The ankle area corresponds to the ovaries and gently massaging your ankles can greatly ease abdominal pain of all kinds including period pain. Massaging the lower abdomen, especially with diluted essential oils such as Lavender or Clary Sage will also help. Any form of meditation is a valuable aid in relaxing the muscles and easing pain of all kinds including period pain.

Lie flat, preferably upon a rug or mat on a hard surface such as the floor. Let your arms rest by your side, parallel to the body, palms upwards. Keep your legs straight, but do not stiffen them. Let the feet splay outwards. Relax your muscles and clear your mind if possible. You can work through your body, starting with your toes, alternately clenching and relaxing each part. mediation works for meWhen you have relaxed your body breathe deeply and noiselessly from the diaphragm for four or five rounds. Awaken slowly, turning to your side before sitting up and then standing.

This exercise reverses the flow of blood to the head and respiratory organs. It is especially recommended to cure painful or irregular menstruation. Lie flat on your back. Slowly inhale, and bring up your legs, supporting your hips with your hands. Raise your trunk until it rests on your shoulder blades. Knees should be straight, toes inclined away from the head. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply several times. Return to the prone position and continue breathing slowly and rhythmically.







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