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Travellin' Women Try Natural Healing
...healthy alternatives on the road

Healthy alternatives...

Honey is known for its healing properties. It is very successful in treating minor burns steep the burn in cold water, then coat in honey.

Yoghurt is the Greek remedy for sunburn. Coat sunburnt areas and let it �set� before washing off. Very messy but very effective!

Pressure on the web of the appropriate hand between thumb and forefinger is believed to provide temporary relief from toothache. Oil of Cloves, dabbed neat onto the tooth or gum, is also effective in calming a toothache.

If you are stung by an insect and the sting is visible, remove it with tweezers sterilized in cooled, boiled water. Apply vinegar or lemon juice to wasp or ant stings. Dab bicarbonate of soda onto bee stings.

If feeling particularly anxious, sip camomile or peppermint tea.

Insomnia is often caused by anxiety, and - for long haul travellers - time differences. Certain food and drink contain chemicals believed to aid sleep if taken an hour or so before bedtime. These include poultry, chickpeas, fish, eggs, almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, yoghurt, milk and walnuts. You might like to try them before resorting to sleeping tablets.

big toothache?Stomach upsets often respond well to a hot drink made with boiled water and ginger, grated raw or powdered. Use about one teaspoon per cup and leave to infuse for at least 10 minutes. The active powers of ginger may be lost if boiled with the water.

Ginger tea is also used as an antispasmodic, successfully treating menstrual cramps and can also ease the symptoms of a cold or a chill.

Source: a Journeywoman Magazine reprint originally excerpted from The Women�s Travel Information Pack published by the Women�s Travel Advisory Bureau in England

Sharing the wealth of healthy travel tips...

Many thanks to all of you who have shared your healthy advice with us at Journeywoman headquarters. Each issue we plan to post a few of those tips for women �round the world to enjoy. Here�s the first installment...

Avoid "funny -tummy"
I found the best way to protect yourself against bowel troubles as you travel. Very easy! Coat your stomach by popping a few chewable Pepto-bismol tablets daily. These come in little packs and provide a nice protective tummy lining against those nasty little bugs.
Monica Flores, San Diego, USA

Ed. note: But... travellers must still take proper precautions with their food and water and getting proper innoculations. Otherwise your tummy will definitely become "very funny."

Online medical travel advice
The Travellers' Medical and Vaccination Centre (TMVC) website at features regular travel health news and updates, including international travel alerts and advice. Visitors to the site can access a country by country listing of where vaccines are compulsory or highly recommended and where malaria is present.
Deborah Mills, Medical Director TMVC, Brisbane, Australia

Tan without the sun
Looking forward to looking great on holiday? Want to improve or keep your tan without extra sun? Beta carotene is a coloring pigment that will enhance the dark tone of the skin. Guess which vegetable has the most? Carrots! Eat lots of them!
Melissa Putt, Healthy Habits, Toronto, Canada

The air isn�t always clear...
Expect serious air pollution problems in these 20 major cities. Bangkok, Beijing, Bombay, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Calcutta, Delhi, Jakarta, Karachi, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo.
Source: A World Health Organization and U.N. Report

Wear rubber thongs in shower
A warning! Electric showers are common in many Latin American countries, especially in more economical hotels. Although the prospect of stepping under a stream of water heated directly by electric current may seem frightening at first, it need not be. These devices are safe when properly grounded. However, don't take chances!Wearing a pair of rubber thongs will protect you against electric shock that might possibly occur. (P.S. The best thing about these showers is that they never run out of hot water!)
Daisy K., Quito, Ecuador Have a health tip?  Click here

Ed.note: Sounds a little scary to me but better to be safe than sorry. Pack those rubber thongs, ladies! P.S. Daisy is the Editor of the Latin American Travel Advisory and an expert on that part of the world. She can be reached at

Allergy sufferers take note
If you have allergies to dust mites or mold, travel with a light sleeping bag that has a tightly woven synthetic outer AND inner lining (no flannel). When sleeping in a strange bed, sleep on top of the open bag, ideally with your own pillow. That should insulate you from dust mites and mold in the mattress.
Cleo P., Montreal, Canada

Always proceed with caution...

Vive la difference! All our bodies are not exactly alike and may respond differently to suggested remedies. I always test new foods, body work and healing products with caution so that I can learn whether my body �likes� them or not. Unless absolutely necessary, don�t try out new remedies while you�re wandering somewhere in the hinterlands. If possible, try to do your testing closer to home where addditional medical help is readily available.
Source: Evelyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman





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