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Test Your Travel Insurance IQ


Most of us treat buying travel insurance as a necessary evil. You don't leave home without it but you don't give much importance to the actual process of choosing the right coverage. Insurance plans are all the same, aren't they?


They are very, very  different!

We thought it would be helpful (and fun, too) to get you to test your own Travel Insurance IQ. Hopefully, once you're done you'll be an insurance-savvy travelling female -- a  Journey Woman who leaves on her next adventure fully prepared for any eventuality that might present itself.

Using old fashioned paper and pen, complete the quiz.  Then you'll be able to find the correct answers on the next few pages. Give yourself one point for each response that you get right.


#1 -- Emergency Medical insurance was designed simply to help you cope financially with unexpected health problems when you are travelling.
A. True
B. False
C. Don't worry. If you are really sick, doctors will treat you for nothing.
D. I've never been sick a day in my life
#2 -- I want insurance protection for my trip in the event  I can't travel on the date I planned. The type of insurance I want is:
A.  Trip Cancellation & Interruption
B.  Air Flight Accident
C.  Emergency Medical
D. Whatever my girlfriend tells me to buy
#3 -- Part of my trip involves cave exploring. Will emergency medical insurance pay for my claim in the event I injured myself while doing this activity?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Better check the fine print
D. Why not? My friend was covered on her plan for a roller-blading accident in Madrid.
#4 --  My 11 month old daughter has raspy breathing and seems to be running a fever. We're in a hotel in London, England. What should I do?
A. Call the hotel doctor
B. Call the Emergency Assistance number
C. Lock myself in the bathroom and cry
D. Give her children's fever medicine
#5 -- I have to take prescription medicine every day. If I run out while I'm travelling, will emergency medical insurance pay for the refill?
A. Aren't prescription drugs cheaper in China?
B. No
C. Yes
D. Depends on the prescription
#6 --  I'm 6 months pregnant and will be travelling for two weeks in another country. Will emergency medical insurance cover me in the event I go into pre-mature labour?
A. Depends if you are carrying a boy or a girl
B. No
C. Yes
D. Depends on the country you're travelling to
#7 --  I've heard the term pre-existing condition used a lot in insurance-speak.  What does it mean?
A. A chronic medical condition
B. A past life memory
C. Something that happened to insurance companies ten years ago
D. The opposite of a post-existing condition
#8 --  How do I know which is the best travel insurance policy to buy?
A. Buy the cheapest one.  It's all just insurance anyway.
B. Buy the most expensive one.  I want to make sure I'm covered for everything.
C. Buy the one that best suits your needs
D. Buy the one that your hair stylist says her sister bought.
#9 --  I'm on a beach in South America and I've lost my passport.  What should I do?
A. Call the police
B. Call the Emergency Assistance number
C. Call your lawyer
D. Put on more sunscreen and relax. Who needs the stress?
#10 --  I've had my trip to Tahiti planned for months and wouldn't you know it, I've been called to serve on a jury. Is there insurance coverage available that will reimburse the cost of my trip?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Forget insurance. Just ask the judge to postpone the case until you get back.

Click here for the answer page...






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