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Test Your Travel Insurance IQ
Your answer page...


Question Six...

I'm six months pregnant and will be travelling for two weeks in another country. Will emergency medical insurance cover me in the event I go into pre-mature labour?

Answer: C -- Yes

Explanation: Most emergency medical policies would view pregnancy complications as a covered emergency provided the pregnancy is in the first or second trimester. However, look for insurance restrictions regarding the length of pregnancy. Some plans will cover you up to eight or ten weeks from the expected due date, others may not cover you at all.  (While I've never yet seen a policy that specifically excludes emergency charges with respect to pregnancy, it's always smart to check).


Question Seven...

I've heard the term pre-existing condition used a lot in insurance-speak.  What does it mean?

Answer: A.-- A chronic medical condition
Explanation: Buyer beware! In an effort to control excess claims cost, insurance companies have introduced the concept of pre-existing conditions (P.E.C.). If you have a pre-existing condition, check this provision very, very carefully as the definition of a P.E.C. can vary from company to company. Some policies maintain that if your pre-existing condition is Can I go? "stable and controlled" for a specified period of time, then these conditions would be covered. Some policies may not even have a pre-existing condition exclusion if you're only travelling on a short trip. It pays to ask a lot of questions and know exactly what you're getting.
P.S. Make sure that you always report your P.E.C. truthfully when you are purchasing your policy. It's far better to pay a higher premium and be fully covered than to lie about your condition and, then, not be covered at all.

Question Eight...

How do I know which is the best travel insurance policy to buy?

Answer: C -- Buy the one that best suits your needs
Explanation: Cheapest or most expensive is not the criteria you should use when selecting travel  insurance. For example, if you only want trip cancellation Suitcase insurance, don't choose a more expensive packaged-plan that includes other coverages such as medical coverage. Or, if you want every possible aspect covered (cancellation, health, baggage theft, etc.), look to the combination packaged-plans as they will normally offer a better price. Again, if you have a pre-existing condition, you'll want to read the fine print to find the plan that works best for your particular needs.

Question Nine...

I'm on a beach in South America and I've lost my passport.  What should I do?

Answer: B -- Call the Emergency Assistance number

Explanation: This is the beauty of emergency medical insurance and their emergency assistance number. You don't have to be ill for them to help you. While you might be completely unsure about how to solve this passport problem, the people at the emergency assistance centre have dealt with this same problem many times before. They know exactly what to do. They'll hold your hand and assist you in getting your new passport as soon as possible.

Question Ten...

I've had my trip to Tahiti planned for months and wouldn't you know it, I've been called to serve on a jury.  Is there insurance coverage available that will reimburse the cost of my trip?

Answer:  A -- Yes. It's called trip cancellation and interruption insurance

Explanation: Most trip cancellation policies will include a call to jury duty as an insured reason for canceling your trip. There are many other unavoidable situations that could cause a trip cancellation and you should review your policy for a list of the "insured risks" that are covered.

So? How insurance savvy are you?...
Perfect 10 -- You're a pro, a  Gold Star Journey Woman. Start packing!
7--9 points -- You need just a little brushing up before you can leave home.
6-8  points -- Be careful, you don't know enough yet and could get into very big trouble.
5-7  points -- Don't show anybody your score. It's clear you need more research time.
5 points or less -- Unpack your suitcase. Don't even think about travelling, yet!
Happy, safe, healthy travelling, ladies!


Gold Star Honour List...

If your score is a perfect 10, please send an email to with the word 'Perfect!' in the subject line. Give us your first name (only) and the city you live in. We'll post the first 50 names right here on our honour list. Congratulations, ladies

Marcy (Waterloo, Canada)
Shelly (New York, USA)
Wren (London, England)












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