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Kid-friendly Fun in San Francisco


Erica Ehm is the creator/publisher of which speaks to the woman in every mom struggling with the reality of being a modern parent. She recently travelled with her husband and two young children to San Francisco. These are the kiddie-friendly tips she came back with. Enjoy, everybody!

After reading a book about Escaping Alcatraz, my eight year old son was intrigued. Just around that time my hubby and I were trying to decide what to do over the holidays. With friends living just outside San Francisco and Alcatraz top of mind, we booked our trip and hoped for the best. Since having kids I haven't been much of an adventurer. This would be our first foray into sight seeing, playing it by ear and seeing a bit of the real world with my kids. At eight and five, they were ready for some real travel.


A kid-friendly hotel...

I searched online and discovered Hotel Diva - a very hip boutique hotel a couple of blocks away from Union Square (can you say shopping?!). What sold me was their "Little Diva's Suite" - two rooms, one comfy Queen sized bed for me and hubby, and the other room was Kid Heaven. Get this: bunk beds, a computer with DVDs, drawers full of blocks, costumes, toys and a CD player. When we had enough of hitting the Streets of San Francisco - my kids were only too happy to stay in their room and play. For mummy - a Starbucks on the main floor of the hotel. Highly recommended by this discerning Yummy Mummy.


Transportation kid-friendly...

The cabs were fantastic. The drivers were each happy to chat with us and give us some touristy background info about the city. Even the kiddies got into the conversation and asked for the things they were interested in. But the highlight was the cable cars. I was charmed at how the city is preserving these old fashioned trams - the best way to experience the huge dips and climbs of the famous San Francisco Streets.


Finding kid-friendly restaurants...

Traveling with little ones (especially one with a fish and nut allergy) makes finding the right restaurant a challenge. Two special ones come to mind.

Crepevine on Fillmore Street is a very casual creperie we happened upon in lovely Pacific Heights. The food was delicious, fresh and plentiful. The decor is simple and casual - nothing for kids to break. Right around the corner is one of the most beautiful little playgrounds for kids I've ever seen. We actually drove across the city TWICE just to let our kids play in the park while we sipped delicious lattes.

Lark Creek Steak was a great find. I searched on the net from my Hotel for a kid friendly restaurant and this upscale eatery kept on popping up. Intrigued, I phoned and sure enough they were more than happy to accommadate a couple of crazy kids (and their allergies). The food was delicious all around; service - spectacular.Our waiter James was perhaps the most patient server I've ever had the pleasure of dining with. If you're looking for fancy, check this place out for sure. And ask for James.

Tomasso's in North Beach (the Italian District) was closed while we were in town. But it came highly recommended if you're looking for delicious pizza in a family friendly setting. Apparently this is where Francis Ford Coppola eats when in town. If Frankie thinks its good, it must be good!







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