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Kids Chicago...

The Chicago Children's Museum happily dedicates themselves "to the curiosity and creativity of children ages one to twelve" with three floors of kiddy exhibits and fun hands-on experiments. Situated at Navy Pier on the lakefront.
Introduce your children to the wonderful architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright with a visit to his home and study. For info on special tours arranged for kids by kids, call 708-848 1978. Youngsters will will appreciate the Puppet Parlor situated at 1922 West Montrose Avenue. Performances are held each Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM.
If you happen to be travelling with a "little one" and need a baby sitter, American Childcare Services have been around since 1974 and are licensed, bonded and insured. Call: 312. 644.7300
(Source:Journeywoman Files and Kids Chicago)
For tastes to truly please a teenage palate, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe and Ed Debevic's are the restaurants of choice .The word on the street is that the featured food, decor, entertainment and shopping are "very, very cool."
(Source:Journeywoman Files and Kids Chicago)


Stop and Shop

Music Note The Jazz Record Mart bills themselves as the "world's largest jazz and blues shop." This sprawling space is chock-full of new and second-hand selections, the salespeople are extremely knowledgeable and Journeywomen can pick from over a whopping 15,000 selections . Perfect gift idea. (444 North Wabash Avenue) Tel: 312.222.1467


Stop and Nibble

Popcorn As you make your way along Michigan Avenue, you're bound to see a line-up outside Garrett Popcorn Shop at No. 670. The Caramel Crisp corn sold here is rated "the best in the world." Join the cue for an instant snack bag or purchase a pack to bring back home. This designer popcorn even has its own website --


Famous Females With
Chicago Connections

  • Julia Louis Dreyfus
  • Ann Margaret
  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Ann Landers and her sister Abby


Numbers to Know

Yellow Pages
  • Chicago Office of Tourism @ 744-2400
  • Medical Referral Service @ 670-2550
  • 24-hour pharmacy @ 1-800-925-4733
  • Chicago Dental Society @ 836-7300
  • Cultural Events Hotline @ 346-3278
  • Weather Info @ 976-1212


Resource Reading to Remember

Book Worm
  • Discover Illinois:
  • Lonely Planet Chicago Guidebook
  • Chicago Tribune newspaper (Friday edition for extensive "what's on" listings)
  • Chicago on Foot -Walking Tours of Chicago's Architecture
  • Chicago Seen Datebook -- a free monthly guide to singles events. (JW found our copy at Borders Bookstore).
  • Kids Explore Chicago (...if your Journeychildren come along)
  • Today's Chicago Woman (...yet another complimentary magazinewith lots of upscale women-centered advertising)


Women's Words Chicago.....

Chicago's downtown seems to constitute, all in all, the best-looking twentieth-century city, the city where contemporary technique has best been matched by artistry, intelligence, and comparitively moderated greed. No doubt about it, if style were the one gauge, Chicago would be among the greatest of all the cities of the world.
(Source: Jan Morris, "Boss No More, Locations 1992)




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