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The Mooncup Menstrual Cup - The Travelling Woman's Dream


Terrific Travel Gear for Journey Kiddies


Travel journalist Victoria Stevens writes an excellent and informative weekly column for the Toronto Star newspaper called, "Gearing Up". She recently devoted an article completely to travel gear for Journey Kiddies. I asked Victoria if I may post this column for travellin' women round the world to enjoy and she graciously agreed. Victoria writes...

Travelling with little ones? Here are some useful ideas from the Safety Superstore (with shops) or you can visit their website at All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars. U.S. dollar conversions can be made at their website.

Ride-On Carry-On...

This first item called the Ride-On Carry-On is a great alternative to bringing a stroller or walking miles through an airport with a toddler in tow. Designed by a flight-attendant mother, the foldable seat with safety harness fits any carry-on luggage 45cm to 56cm high. It attaches and detaches in seconds, folds flat to fit in the overhead bin, has a headrest that folds down to double as a tray table and can also be used as a secure child seat. It's recommended for children up to 18 kilos. Sells for $69.95. Check out for more details.

Portable safety gate to go...

If you want to keep your crawling or toddling child safe on the road, whether you're visiting the grandparents or staying at a hotel, this Gateway to Go (model G14) will give you peace of mind. The fold-up gate weighs only two kilo and comes with its own carrying case that you can sling over your shoulder or pack in your suitcase.

Designed to fit openings 71 cm to one-metre wide, it uses a patented, pressure-mount system with four non-skid, non-marking pads and requires no tools or hardware to install. Constructed of steel, nylon and mesh, it comes with a pressure gauge to indicate proper locking tension and allows an adult to easily release the handle and gate using one hand. Cost: $119.95. For photo see:

Bring the potty with you...

Don't let travel send a potty-training toddler back to diapers full time. This folding potty seat turns any toilet into a potty. Lightweight and sanitary, it comes with self-sealing storage bag and folds to fit in diaper bag, purse or glove compartment. Cost: $17.95. See:

JW Editor's note: With or without this potty, don't be surprised if your toddler turns her new-found bathroom skills into the longest car ride you've ever taken. A grandmother friend told me that her granddaughter quickly learned the power of the four little words ...'I've got to go.' She had her poor parents stopping at every service station, unfolding the potty only to discover it was just another "false alarm." JourneryBabe was testing, testing, testing.

More kiddie travel stuff ...




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