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The Beauty of Travel

Evelyn Hannon is living proof that behind every great woman lies her backpack. Hannon, 60, is the founding editor and publisher of, the most popular travel resource for women on the Internet. The Toronto resident is also one of the world's leading experts in travel, a savvy entrepreneur and a mentor for millions of women travelers around the world.
Roula Meditskos, Lifewise, (October 2, 2000)

Woman of the World 

Travelling alone?  Solo survivor Evelyn Hannon shows you how....It's women helping other women. 
People Magazine, Online Section, May 29, 2000

Web watch

Toronto-based writer Evelyn Hannon confronted fears of journeying solo by buying a backpack and a plane ticket to Europe and soliciting tips from fellow female travellers. Nearly 20 years later, that advice is a key part of the Web's most comprehensive travel resource for women --
Laura Bly, USA Today, July 2000

Your travel book gave you the best jade markets in Taiwan, but do you know where to look for a sports bra while you're there? The pages at are packed with travel tips, plus on-the-road love stories.
Laura Gilbert, Fitness Magazine, August 2000

Travel Section

"Female travellers stop first at"
Janice Kennedy, The National Post, July 2000

You go, girl

Faster than a speeding byte. more powerful than a Pentium Processor, able to leap Website popularity charts at a single bound -- look, up there on the screen. It's JOURNEYWOMAN!
Janice Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen, July 15, 2000

Cool Sites

" -- a comprehensive guide for the lone female traveller"
Tech Explorer, MacLeans Magazine, July 2000

Home Business Report

Evelyn Hannon's daughters once called her "digitally deficient," but now Internet insiders call her a guru.
Darrell Hookey, Spring 2000, Canada

Women's World

The best place to start [looking for women's travel advice] is the online travel zine Journeywoman....the site is rarely self-indulgent and pleasantly free of commercial flotsam.
Ros Taylor, Doing the sites, The Guardian, United Kingdom, April 2000

Smart Solutions

It can be important to know whether it's OK to wear pants and which neighbourhoods to avoid. The ezine Journeywoman shares information by connecting women travellers from around the world.
Canadian Living, March 2000, Canada

Country Sites

Determined to help speed other women travellers on their way, Evelyn Hannon runs the free Web site
Country Living, Cross Country, Matthew Holm, Spring 2000, USA

Person of the Year

Wired Women closes out the century by acknowledging the Web women who are creating communities, challenging the status quo and making the wired world a better place to live. One click at a time. ....Evelyn Hannon, a smart, generous Canadian who at 42 marched off to see the world and came home transformed. Hannon’s offers traveling women advice, insight, community and the courage to go it alone.
Dianne Lynch, Wired Women,, December 1999

Short Tour of Internet Sites That Help Traveling Women See the Sights

Journeywoman ( is my favorite [women's travel site] because it's so practical, fresh and real. Then, too, I enjoy its Toronto-based editor, Evelyn Hannon, who started traveling after getting divorced at 42 and laid the groundwork for the site with a chain letter requesting travel tips from 100 women all over the world.
Susan Spano, Columnist, LA Times

Series a spin-off from the popular website

Journeywoman Northern Lights Television of Toronto and Ocean Entertainment of Halifax are combining efforts to coproduce a CDN$1.3 million, 26 x 30-minute travel series based on the award-winning website Broadcasters are now being sought.

Launched in 1996 by creator and publisher Evelyn Hannon, the site is an on-line resource for female travelers, especially woman business travelers. Touted widely in media outlets such as USAToday and The New York Times, the site has picked up an array of website awards.
Mary Ellen Armstrong, Reel Screen, November 1999

It's a Woman's World

Travel on the net: is Mecca for women travelers.
Carla Powers, Newsweek magazine, November 1999

The Net hits 30!

She [Evelyn Hannon of Journeywoman] built a travel industry brand and readership that's resulted in a spin-off TV show. She outperformed businesses with million-dollar branding budgets.
Ken Campbell, Fast Forward, The Toronto Star, Fall 1999

Women's Travel Online - HERMAIL makes a splash

Over the last three years, Hannon, a North American expert in the field of women and travel has been steadily adding to the amount of women-centered travel information available on the internet. She believes that the best source of information comes from the average woman who lives in the destination that the female traveller is planning to visit. Who knows better where the safe areas are, which hotels would be suitable, what to wear, where to find a female doctor if you're ill and where the best budget shopping is? To that end, Hannon, who is also the consultant to the Canadian government on women and travel, has set up two multi-award-winning websites where women travellers can connect internationally and help each other with personal travel advice.
Mile Cohen, Cohen's Chatter, Suburban Newspaper, September 1999

Hit Web site plans to morph into TV travel series

Toronto's own Evelyn Hannon-- creator, founder and editor of the Web site -- is the online leader in a niche playing to the travel industry's hottest new market: women.
JoAnn Napier, Letter from Toronto, Ottawa Citizen, September 1999

Moms on Board

Today, at 60, Hannon has emerged as the online leader in a market that is suddenly recognizing the power of the adventuress.
Dianne Lynch, Wired Women Column ,, August 1999

Web Site for Women on the Go

While some airlines and a few other corporate services have put up websites to appeal to female travelers, Evelyn Hannon is way out front with Journeywoman, a Web site and electronic magazine that is able to attract major advertisers.
Joe Sharkey, Business Columnist, The New York Times, Summer 1999

En Route

Journeywoman is a website aimed at women travellers. This site is a source of great travel advice and some hilarious articles, and well worth a browse.
Janet McGarry, Backpacker Essentials, Australia, Winter Edition 1999

Flying Solo ...

The number of visitors to has quadrupled since its launch two years, a protected e-mail service is another channel for female travelers to share travel know-how.
Kit Bernardi, This Season @ Hudsons Magazine, Summer 1999

Girl power Prevails on the Net

I try not to be gender-specific when reviewing sites, but you know, every now and then you come across something that is just too good to pass up. So, men of the world, excuse me but this is Ladies’ Day....If you’re a woman alone in the big, bad travel world, no matter what your age this (Journeywoman) is a fun and informational site to visit.
Brenda Schultheis, Computer Commuter, Ocala, Florida, Feb. 22, 1999

Finding Pleasure Island on the World Wide Web

Funny, informative and irreverent, Journeywoman offers great advice for women travelling solo, in groups, pregnant, etc. Lots of great information which men will find useful as well.
Sark’s Magic Museletter, San Francisco, Winter 1998

Virtually Travelling

From a women’s perspective, don’t miss Journeywoman’s website. This extensive site contains travel stories, tips, and advice designed to make your journeys both safe and enjoyable...
Yvonne Jeffrey Hope, Fifty-Five Plus, Travel Notables, Jan/Feb 1999, Canada

Now we’re getting somewhere

Hannon, a Toronto native, started Journeywoman as a print magazine about five years ago, with the notion that because women are traveling more, we needed more information aimed at females about the places we might be visiting.
Donna Nebenzahl, Woman News, The Gazette, Montreal, March 1, 1999

Excellent E-zine

Hannon’s publication has won a suitcase of awards since going online two years ago...Even if you never plan to leave home, Journeywoman is fun to visit.
Diana Grier Ayton, McGill News, Alumni Quarterly, Winter 1998 - 99

Voyager en solo? Et pourquoi pas?

Toutes les femmes ne font cependant pas preuve de la meme assurance, et c’est notamment pour celles qui sont tiraillees entre leurs craintes et leur gout de de l’aventure qu’Evelyn Hannon, journalist ontarienne, diffuse sur le Web une multitude d’informations destinees aux voyageuses solos....
La Gazette Des Femmes, Conseil du statut de la femme, Ottawa, Canada, Mars-avril 1999

Planet Amazon Review

At Journeywoman you'll find a treasure trove of information for the resourceful female adventurer and explorer of new terrains. Find yourself in a stench-filled bathroom? If you've read Journeywoman you'd know that dabbing a little mentholated lip balm under your nose can save you from tumbling into the bowl in a fit of nausea. Wish your suitcases were lighter at the end of a long trip? A Journeywoman throws away her clothes as she goes - old t-shirts stop clogging up her closet at home and she doesn't have to carry as much when on the road. Filled with tips and light-hearted common sense, Journeywoman is the place to go when on the go.

A new-age network for women

Starting Dec. 1, look for free E-mail at Herspace, care of an online women's travel magazine called Journeywoman. Journeywoman will connect women travelers with volunteer guides who can show them around a city. And the E-mail, of course, will be accessible anywhere that has a Web connection.
Bits & Bytes, Orange County Register, California (1998)

Good Sites

An on-line quarterly e-zine just for women travellers, "Journeywoman" is slick, sleek and jam-packed with information. Among the features of this inspiring website is a list of female-friendly city sites, helpful advice on what to wear, tales of romantic conquests from faraway places, shopping and a classifieds section advertising trips especially for women. Another useful feature is the Woman to Woman Networking Cyberboard, where you can ask advice of other female travellers.
Getaway Magazine, Australia 1998

Good advice for the woman traveller

Get some guidance from your guidebook and there are books and internet sites dedicated to woman travellers, such as ... the Internet magazine Journeywoman, located at
Lucy Izon, Youth/Budget Column, Toronto Star and Los Angeles Times (October 10, 1998)

Magazine's still around but now only on the Net

To serve everyone, Hannon thought the best bet was to go directly to the Internet and she says the response was "like an explosion." The magazine which had from 6,000 to 10,000 readers annually, has now attracted about 115,000 visitors to the site in a year and a half.
Patty Winsa, Reader Queries Column, Toronto Star, (Nov. 7/98)

The Internet and Travel Travel magazines --
Many travel related sites have online magazines

Examples include Journeywoman aimed at women travellers.
How To Books, Travel and Holiday Siteseeing, United Kingdom (1998)

A Woman's Place is on the Web

Besides the better-known young women's sites, there are niche zines worth noting, including: The travel-focused Journeywoman...
Silja J.A. Talfi,

Travel Watch -- Web Cr@wling

IF GLOBE-TROTTING was once mainly a male pastime, Journeywoman proves times have changed. Though femsites can seem trite, this one, where women describe canoeing through Honduran rain forests and ranging solo across Turkey, has a sense of adventure. The site's bulletin board approach, though uneven, is packed with reader tips and accounts of past journeys that should encourage timid travelers. And searching for such gems is half the fun.
TIME Magazine Asia Watch February 1998

Your Guide to the Best on the WWW (translated from Swedish)

Journeywoman has earned 8 points out of 10 in our travel guide listing. This site for women travelling alone is nice and it's humourous. At Journeywoman you can find tips, experiences, reports and obvious subjects like shopping and love on holiday. Everything presented with a twinkle in one's eye.
Internetworld Magazine (Sweden) Spring 1998


Journeywoman is a must-see site.... Filled with practical, creative, and invaluable tips from other female travelers...
Webscout Newsletter, June 1998

Good Sites and Good Reads

...visiting this site and signing up for the monthly newsletter gave a feeling of belonging to an exciting new club and I shall certainly be keeping a regular eye on the Journeywoman network from now on.
Alison McVey, Editor, Amicus, Isle of Coll, Scotland, Spring 1998

Former Montrealer devoted to women's travel

As the editor of Journeywoman Online former Montrealer, Evelyn Hannon has established a unique Internet magazine site especially for women who like to travel.... Journeywoman has been publicized in more than 100 guidebooks, newspapers, books and magazines around the world.
Mike Cohen, The Senior Times, Montreal, June 1998

Life on the Wild Side: Women Oriented Adventures

... Journeywoman is an excellent magazine with good feature writing and award winning graphics all designed with "gal-travelers" in mind... A definite bookmark for travelers with ovaries.
NetGuide, Lisa Gill, Cybergirrl Editor, May 25, 1998

Travelling by the Web

...the Star checked out a few of the better-known sites, to see what they have to offer: Journeywoman ( Women are different from men, of course, and therefore have different travel needs. The Journeywoman site gives you female-friendly advice, online classifieds catering to women's travel needs and an opportunity to subscribe free to an online women's travel newsletter.
David Israelson,Smart Money: Travel, Toronto Star, April 1998

Selected Site techno.fem

Journeywoman--This online travel 'zine offers articles on gal-friendly cities, travel tips and tales, and a great classified section with information about learning opportunities, volunteering, and outdoor vacations. Post a question like "Where can I spend my holidays learning how to Salsa?" on the Cyberboard, and have the answers sent to you via e-mail.
Christina McLaughlin, Ms. Magazine, June 1998

Traveling Woman's Guide To Holland

Evelyn Hannon has done it again. An excellent guide for traveling to Holland. "Netherland Notes by women for women." Well designed. An eye catcher. Worth reading and saving.
Dan Philips, Editor, Websurfer Travel Journal, May 1998

Holland for women

Women planning a trip to The Netherlands have a new Internet guide full of information to make for safe and enjoyable travel. Found at, the Travellin' Woman's Guide to Holland provides female-friendly advice on such cities as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Heads Up,Globe and Mail Travel, April 22, 1998

Good for W.W.W.

A Ticket to Ride -- Journeywoman Online Magazine
Lonely Planet Online, Australia, April 1998

Ottawa has advice for women

It's called "Her Own Way -- Advice For The Woman Traveller" [written for Department of Foreign Affairs by Journeywoman editor Evelyn Hannon] but male travellers may benefit from its advice, too.
Travel Digest, Toronto Star, April 1998

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