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"Travel World" -- CIQC AM 600 Radio Montreal

Just a short note to let you know we really enjoyed having you as a guest on "Travel World" last Saturday ...A very interesting report, I have received much positive feedback from our listeners...You certainly have a lot of information to share, and we would love to have you as one of our regular Correspondents...
Stephen Pickford, Host / Producer, April 1998

Safe for women

AMSTERDAM - Found at planning a trip to the Netherlands have a new Internet guide full of information to make for safe and enjoyable travel....The Netherlands Board of Tourism developed the guide with Journeywoman Online, an Internet-based magazine for traveling women.
BRIEFS - Gazette/Canadian Press, Montreal, April 11, 1998

Sites weave a web of security for women

A must-see site is Journeywoman (, an online travel magazine just for women. There are lots of useful hints on this site, like a listing of women-friendly cities, travel tips, women's travel stories and travel classifieds.
Catherine Boucek, Virtually There, Montreal Gazette, March 14, 1998

Yikes, my Mom's a 'geek'

[Evelyn Hannon] is the publisher of a Web site that's quite a success story. It's called Journeywoman and it's at[Hannon's] is a slow but steady success, doing what big publications often fail to do.
K.K. Campbell, Net.column, Toronto Star, Feb. 5, 1998

Connecting's 10 Travel Picks for 1997 If you're a woman travelling solo, Journeywoman's snazzy site is the essential first stop.
Anne Dimon, Connecting, Toronto Star, December 1997

Fab Finds in Travel

Whether you're planning an athletic adventure, a relaxing spa trip or a stay in a specific city, stop off for insider info at Journey Woman magazine.
Beatrice's Web Guide

Journeywoman The Magazine For Women Who Love To Travel

Which international cities are female-friendly? How does a gal safari solo? Where can a mature woman find the ideal travelling companion? Journeywoman is an online travel magazine with hundreds of female-centered trip tips, stories, advice and articles. This is the consummate 'know-before-you-go guide' to the world of international travel for women who want to travel well and travel safely.
Webscout Newsletter - Cool Sites

Very Cool Web Site This great travel site for women has a section called "What Should I Wear?" where messages are posted from women around the world on how one should dress appropriately in more than 25 countries. If you're heading off into the wild blue yonder, check this out.
Young Street, Toronto Star, 27/01/98

Check out..Nifty web a trip to this much visited's jam-packed with everything from where to find the best fish and chips in London to why Rotterdam is the perfect winter getaway.
Homemaker's Magazine Jan/Feb 1998 Issue

Sites for women on the move...Journeywoman continues to publish first-rate advice.
Dick Snyder, The Virtual Traveler, Globe and Mail 31/01/98

Dave's Favorite Books

The Journeywoman's mandate is to inspire women to travel safely and well and, to connect women travellers internationally so that they can help each other as they journey." ... CHECK IT OUT!
Web Surfer Travel Journal, January 1998

Journeywoman paves the way on the internet...there's a great little magazine for women who love to travel:it's Canadian and only available on the Internet.
Canadian Magazine Publishers Association Newsletter, October 1997

The site [Journeywoman Online] interweaves travellers' personal stories with travel tips and classifieds. But if you want geographic depictions of travel destinations, look elsewhere. Journeywoman gives visitors information on social and cultural differences..."I don't want you to tell me how tall the buildings are," Hannon [the editor] once told a Hong Kong tour guide. "I want to know what your grandmother taught you."
Stacey Gibson, Woman Magazine, Winter 1997

After having you as a guest on Real Life at the Life Channel, the calls started pouring in. Your information, stories and passion for travel struck a cord with women all across the country. We directed all questions to the website, which was obviously the thing to do. You can travel when sitting at home when you visit the Journeywoman site!
Kirstie Smith, Producer, Real Life, Life Channel

"Journeywoman is a bold and brash quarterly publication for women travellers"
Wanderlust, Windsor, United Kingdom, September 1995

Journeywoman: an online magazine with female-centered travel tips, advice and stories. Dynamic editor Evelyn Hannon is always looking for and passing along fresh information for and from members of her electronic network.
The Latin American Travel Advisor, Quito, Equador

Where to get ideas: Journeywoman is a Canadian online travel magazine just for women. Edited by Evelyn Hannon, this award-winning quarterly E-zine is full of great information, including a tip section for go-alone travellers.
Liz Guccione, Jennifer Foster, Chatelaine Magazine, October 1997

"My new favorite on the Net is a travel-zine called Journeywoman. It's a Toronto-based cyber-site that has lots of Canadian content, lots of familiar names and lots of really interesting stuff."
Daphne Bramham, Business Class Column, Vancouver Sun, Aug.30,1997

Thank you so much for being a guest on "GABEREAU" this year. The moment your interview was finished in Atlantic Canada, the phone started to ring...Now, more than a month later we're still giving out your information. All our guests generate a lot of listener inquiries but you've taken first prize this year with almost three hundred....
Sheila Peacock - Producer-CBC Radio

If you want to sample them (travel e-zines), a good starting point is the travel magazine list in Yahoo, a directory of Internet sites .... Some of the most impressive are these: ....Journeywoman ( This magazine--"for women who love to travel"-- recently featured tips on how to cope with India and New Jersey.
Paul Grimes, E-Zine Watch, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 7, 1997

"Journeywoman - A Grab Bag of Travel Info..Packed With Current and Usable Data"
Anne Dimon, Connecting, Toronto Star, June 1997

I just wanted to let you know that I loved your web site and newsletter. I love to travel, so I think your tips will come to good use at some point. I write site reviews for an e-zine, here in Belgium and I'll mention you. Keep up the good work.
Katrien e-mail message from Belgium.
Ed. note: Thank you! Thank you! Of course, we welcome Belgian women with open arms! Looking forward to receiving tips from your part of the world.

" her (Hannon's) delight, women are logging on (to JW Online) from all over the world. "From Cambodia, Sweden, Japan--everywhere--with snippets of information". Consequently, Hannon's readers now know where to buy chocolate chip cookies in Sweden, where Queen Elizabeth buys her bras, and the address of a great bed and breakfast in Istanbul."
Judy Schultz, The Edmonton Journal, Saturday, March 29, 1997

"Top tips for the female traveller"
Margaret Sheridan, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, June 5, 1995

I visited your site an hour ago and really liked it. Such a wonderful idea... I've travelled enough to know the problems... I'll enjoy recommending it to my European readers. (Actually) WyberNetz was planned to be a European meeting point but by now it gets visitors from all over the world.
Ann-Bettina, WyberNetz Web Site, Germany
Ed. note: Want to know more about Wybernetz? We "tell all" in the next edition of the JW Online Travel Newsletter. Want a copy? Simply register here.

"How's this for travel advice: Save all your old, ratty underwear for your next voyage. Throw it out when you're done with it to avoid doing laundry. Simple. This is the kind of information--thoughtful, practical, entertaining--that makes up the bulk of the content at the Journeywoman Web site......."
Dick Snyder, Netescapes, The Globe and Mail, April 12, 1997

Despite the tabloid panic about women holidaying alone, which broke out after the horrible death of Jo Masheder, independent women have not backed away from the many joys of travelling. Journeywoman, a quarterly magazine published in Canada, is especially for such women. It takes into consideration the difficulties female travellers may suffer when travelling alone but JW offers suggestions and answers rather than gloom and doom...
Everywoman Magazine, United Kingdom, June Issue 1996

Journeywoman is a wonderful read and gives you tips about the possible dangers and pleasures of foreign travel and how to save $.
Roberta J. Gibson, Editor, Excursions, July 1997

Web Watch: Guide to India: In celebration of India's 50th Year of Independence, Journeywoman Online has compiled a mini guide of practical travel excellent first stop for any woman planning a trip to India.
Anne Dimon, Connecting, Toronto Star, September 27, 1997

Journeywoman continues to dispense sound, practical advice for the female traveller..It continues to emphasize creating a dialogue among travelling women rather than offering long (or long-winded) articles written by professional journalists. And it does so with humour and a light touch.
Dick Snyder, The Virtual Traveller, Globe and Mail, September 27, 1997


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