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Journeywoman Loves Your Feedback...


I just found your website tonite thanks to information in the latest issue of Travel Counselor magazine. WOW - what a truly great travel site. I'm just sad I didn't find it before now. The GirlTalk Hong Kong feature is fabulous. I will be taking a shopping group to Hong Kong in November and I'm truly loving every bit of information.
Alice, CTC, United States

I attend Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. As you can guess, we students travel a lot for our studies. I would like to post a link from on my website on the school's intranet. Am I allowed to do this?
Sai, USA

Ed. note: Please do! The main premise of Journeywoman is to connect as many women travellers worldwide as possible so that we can all share our collective information.We charge no fees. Everything at our site is free. All we want in return are your travel tips.

Congratulations on the New York article you just published. I find your website to be very honest and factual without any glitz. I plan to send off some of my travel hints and tips in the near future. Keep up the good work.
Maggie, Gold Coast, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for your work. I enjoy reading the journeywoman website and as life would have it, I have had to travel alone alot. So the ideas I get from your [free] newletter are terrific.
Cherie, Edmonton, Canada

Your article about finding gifts is extremely good. Thank you. It reminded me of the things I know, but had forgotten. I've signed up for your newsletter and I look forward to receiving them. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing.
Karen, USA

Well what a find! Will look forward to lots of interesting (Journeywoman) reads. It feels as if I'm joining in with a great trek. Many thanks.
Marg, Ottawa, Canada

As a founder of a travel review web site that is written by the travel consumer, for the travel consumer I was absolutely delighted to come across your fantastic site. I am very rarely impressed by any web sites on the web especially travel sites but I think that your site is superb - informative, great illustrations and with humour.
Sally, United Kingdom

Ed. note: Please take a look at Sally's website I think you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for the good work on your site. Just found you today. I've been thinking about the need for this type of site for a long time... thanks for doing it for me!
B. Dones, California, USA

All I can say is JW is informative, straightforward, and fun. Until I found Journeywoman, I had wasted a lot of time surfing around fancy sites with loads of bells and whistles but no substance. Journeywoman is packed with valuable information - a definite bookmark! Thanks, and keep up the good work.
An American fan

Your Journeywoman is lovely, lovely and very informative! Please keep on going. Regards from Hamburg/Germany.
Grom, Hamburg, Germany

I love this site and am so happy to be able to share it with my gal pals. Thank you soooooo much.
Sue, Canada

CONGRATULATIONS. Just read the latest issue of Journeywoman. You are doing a great service. I am a fan for life.
Carol, Canada

Women's words on writing messages...

Letters -- life would split asunder without them.
Virginia Wolfe, 1922

Our correspondances have wings -- paper birds that fly from my place to yours -- flocks of ideas crisscrossing the country.
Terry Williams, 1991

Letters... have souls.
Heloise letter to Abelard, 12th Century

Letters are expectation packed in an envelope.
Shana Alexander, 1967

A letter is a risky thing; the writer gambles on the reader's frame of mind.
Margaret Deland, 1911







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