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Letters to the Editor 1998


I think your website is fantastic and have already started to pass the word around. It's both inspiring and an excellent resource. I'm anxiously awaiting my Journeywoman subscription!
Francesca, Brooklyn, USA

I had no idea Journeywoman was based in Toronto. You see, I'm from Toronto and am studying abroad in Zagreb, Croatia... I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Girl Talk Toronto Mini Guide [Sept. '98 issue]. It takes something like this to make me feel homesick and realize that there's still so much more to Toronto than I knew about. I can hardly wait to go back in January and use the tips found in the guide.
Susan J., Zagreb, Croatia

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the lovely feed-back,Susan. We're delighted to have gotten loads of super letters about Girl Talk Toronto. It's a hit!

Thanks for your travel newsletter. It has given me heaps of great tips and I'm now feeling a lot more comfortable about travelling alone.
S. Muir, Auckland, New Zealand

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes! Another Journeywoman is born.

I've been receiving Journeywoman since the summer of 1995 and it was one of the best investments I've ever made... Your magazine was a very large influence in my decision to visit London, England for 2 weeks in May 1997, "alone". No tour group, nothing. I did not know a soul in the whole country. An amazing experience!! Thanks for your support, although you don't even know me.
Elaine G., Scarborough, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hurrah!, Hurrah!, Hurrah!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your website.I'm planning a year-long trip to help mitigate my midlife crisis! Though the planning is fun, it's a bit nerve racking as well. It's good to know that the sisters are out there. Rock on!
Jill Yesko, Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks for providing such a great travel site! Lots of folks ask me when I'm traveling "who are you going with"? Of course, my answer is always 'by myself' and it's often amusing to see them so surprised. Your online magazine has given me the support I need to assure me that I'm not alone and that it's ok for me to be having so much fun as a single woman traveling.
Karen Philips, St. Louis, Missouri

EDITOR'S NOTE: You go girl!

My husband passed away last November and I was looking for a vacation trip that wasn't into swinging singles, romantic cruises, or single supplements. Thanks to your Journeywoman classified ads, I came across "Canyon Calling Tours" based in Arizona. I took the Arizona Spectacular Tour and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would recommend Canyon Calling Tours to any women who wants an adventure with an easy pace.
Kathleen Cruickshank, USA

EDITOR'S NOTE: Anyone looking for other wonderful women-centered tours, click here. You'll be amazed at the goodies that are available.

Just found out about your newsletter through a TV show here in Australia, called "Getaway", which listed your web site in it's new hardcopy magazine. Your newsletter is great-- very informative, and I've forwarded it to my girlfriend in Washington DC who'll love it too. Thanks again for a great read and some great tips.
Kristy F., Adelaide, Australia

I just came across your website and newsletter and absolutely love it! As a solo traveller to France and Africa I would have loved to have heard about you sooner. My association's conference is in Toronto next week and since our staff is mostly women I printed out all the information I could and sent it to coworkers! Thanks again for a wonderful site. You are now bookmarked on my computer and I plan on visiting often.
Christine K, Washington, DC, USA

I publish a magazine in Japan called Being A Broad for English-speaking women in Japan that your readers may be interested in. Congratulations on your own magazine - I'm always impressed by women who are active in supporting other women yet don't feel the need to lose their sense of humour in doing so!
Caroline Pover, Tokyo, Japan

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks Caroline. JW Readers can find out more about Being A Broad in an upcoming issue of Journeywoman

I am very impressed with the great page layout and editing job!!!!! It looks fabulous - and it would appear you are one of the few to have mastered the art of converting print format to online. Congratulations!!!! on a great [Sept. '98] issue.
Karen Z., Mississauga, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many thanks for the kind words, madame!



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