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Letters to the Editor 2002


I LOVE getting the Journey Woman newsletter. I get to travel vicariously through the women who are living my dream, escaping from the way-too-busy corporate world I’m longing to escape. Your newsletters feed my dreams, and make them seem more achievable. THANK YOU ALL!
Jane, Anchorage, Alaska


Good day! I'm having withdrawalls! I have not received a newsletter for two months. Hope all is well, and please keep those newsy newsletters coming!!
Judi, Canada
EDITOR'S NOTE: If you don't want to miss an issue of Journeywoman's newsletter, please put our newsletter's return address in your computer's address book ( If you do this your server can't call it JUNK (the nerve of them) and put it in your trash folder.


I really enjoy reading the JW newsletter - I want you to know that we appreciate your hard work and savviness bringing such a useful and interesting spread of topics together.
Jennifer, London, England


Congratulations on a great site and community.
Claudine, Boulder, USA


Have loved JourneyWoman for years, and look forward to receiving it.
Marsha, Missouri, USA


My friend Andrea from Toronto, who now lives in England, told me about Journeywoman. I just signed up and received the first newsletter with lots of interesting info.... I just wanted to tell you that I'm already a big fan of the newsletter and I know that I will get lots of interesting tips. It's great stuff!
Barbara, Bern, Switzerland


Many thanks for your excellent site which I've consulted over the years. It's always fun to follow all the interesting links on Journeywoman and get lost in time.
Janette, Ontario, Canada


Dear Evelyn: I have been getting your Journeywoman newsletter for about two years now and I am so impressed with what you have created.
Debra, NY, USA


I met you when you gave a lecture at my 45th nursing school reunion in Montreal (Royal Victoria Hospital) and have been a fan ever since. Thank you.
Helen, La Jolla, USA


Hi Evelyn, just wanted to tell you how much I love you guys. When I find a job I'll be signing up for one of your trips listed in your classifieds.
Jacqueline, USA


Ms. Hannon,
I just watched Mr.Prentice's documentary on you on television, and just had to write. You said on the film something like, "I think I have inspired my daughters". Ms. Hannon you have inspired countless millions! You are truly an inspiration to all people...I thank you for what you do, and congratulate you. As I close in on retirement in 18 months, you truly have inspired this 56 year old public servant.
Dave, Ontario, Canada


Hi Evelyn
GREAT NEWS. Since you mentioned At Home in London and GRAPEVINE in Journeywoman online (newsletter) last month we’ve received 299 subscribers to GRAPEVINE.
Maggie, London, England


Well....At the risk of sounding like a Wheel of Fortune contestant, I am a virtual assistant and editor/proof-reader for some major boomer women sites and I have to tell you, I will definitely recommend YOUR site to them. It is well organized, full of good, useful info, and cute. Just darn right cute. I visit a lot of sites, daily, and this week, yours is the only one I lingered on, AND bookmarked. To use a worn out phrase, you got it going on! Kudos!
JJ in the USA


Hallelujah. Through reading my (Aussie)YHA newsletter properly, I've discovered your fabulous site. As a 40+ journeywoman I was delighted to surf your site, sign up for the newsletters and read the tips and tricks available. I look forward to reading about what other people are doing while I'm working to save to go away again. Indeed, I get the feeling I might end up somewhere I'd never thought of going if I keep reading your great site. Cheers and keep up the great work.
Sharon, Randwick, Australia


I just want to tell you again, how great your site is. I especially like the listings of web sites and books. I keep them all. Your site has been very useful to me. Thanks for all the hard work putting it together for us.
Evelyn, Bartlesville, USA


Thanks so much for the continued great work you do in putting JourneyWoman together. I don't know of any other site that offers so many possibilities for wonderful travel experiences for women.
Beth, Canada









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