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Letters to the Editor 2002


I consider the many lovely letters I receive from Journeywoman readers around the world a true gift. I appreciate and enjoy each and every one of them. Here in the JW office we believe that conquering the many challenges of travel makes a woman stronger, wonderfully savvy and much more capable of dealing with the world around her. We understand that travel expands our ability to delve into and appreciate other cultures. In the final analysis if what we post at this website inspires one more woman to pack her bag and 'hit the road' we are happy, indeed. We thank you for your continued support for what we do. Please enjoy these encouraging excerpts from readers' emails along with us.

Evelyn Hannon
Journeywoman Editor



Your newsletters feed my dreams, and make them seem more achievable.
Jane, Anchorage, Alaska


I take my hat off to your adventurous and caring spirit that inspires women around the globe.
Christina, Ottawa, Canada


Hi. I'm writing to tell you that was listed in Sydney, Australia's Sun-Herald Ultimate Internet Guide in the Travel section on September 24th. As they say here in Oz, “Good on ya”!
Kris, NSW, Australia


I absolutely devour JourneyWoman...thanks sooo much for producing it!!
Helen, Glendale, California


I read Journey Women for the first time in 2001. I had never traveled outside of the U. S. alone. Reading your e-magazine inspired me to "take the plunge". That year I traveled to London and Paris alone and had a great time. Since then I have rented an apartment in Paris for one to two months a year. This year I'm renting an apartment in Paris for three months and plan to travel to other places from there. Again, thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to every (JW) issue.
Rose Wilson, San Francisco


Dear Evelyn, I caught the tail-end of a TV show yesterday and there was your smiley face. Obviously a profile on you and Journeywoman had just been done, and I got about the last 5 minutes. What a remarkable woman you are Evelyn.... I take my hat off to your adventurous and caring spirit that inspires women around the globe.... Cheers, lovely lady ... may you continue to soar.
Christina, Vancouver, Canada


Evelyn, thanks for the encouragement. A while ago I saw you on CBC television. I wrote to you the next day and you wrote back to me immediately!
Your generosity and encouragement led the way to my recent trip to Paris! This was my first trip to Europe and I am totally thrilled.
Sandy, Montreal, Canada


Thanks a bunch. I've enjoyed reading about the exploits of other JourneyWomen for a couple of years and now we've taken the plunge ourselves. My husband and I recently returned from a bus tour of the UK (excluding Ireland) and Journey Woman helped so much with the planning. What to pack, how to get around and where to eat, especially in London was a big help and certainly gave us a bit of an edge and a level of comfort in trying the eateries and subway.
Joyce, Dartmouth, Canada


Tis a delight to read your newsletter on a gray, cold, wet winter day.
Gwyn, United Kingdom


Dear Evelyn, Thank you SO MUCH for our conversation today. You are a generous and delightful woman. I found our talk inspirational and probably just what I needed to hear to "follow my own heart." I believe you've been successful beyond your wildest dreams because you stay true to your mission to encourage women to travel. It was a good message for me to hear as I get ready to launch my own mission.Thank you again for your time and consideration.
Bobbie, USA


I am a widow. I never believed I could travel on my own. Your website gave me the courage to try. Thank you so much.
Betty, New Zealand


I love Journeywoman and want to thank you for encouraging my solo travel!
Joanne, Philadelphia, USA
EDITOR'S NOTE: Anybody else concerned with solo travel? Need motivation? Check out our section called: She Travels Solo. We hope it provides inspiration.


I thoroughly enjoy being one of the Journeywomen network. Your site is great and I've referred many female travellers to it. Thanks for pulling together all of our voices so that more of us may be liberated to travel -- and travel often!
Venetia, Ottawa, Canada


I wanted to say how fabulous and wonderful your site is, and that I tell absolutely everyone I can about it!! I was in Italy recently and both stayed at a place recommended by a journey woman, as well as had a most memorable meal at a wondrous restaurant, that had also been recommended. Oh, to have the money to travel wherever and whenever I would choose in this world!! Thanks ... for all your hard work and for putting out such an excellent and very helpful newsletter.
Karen, Vancouver, Canada


Thanks for the Journeywoman 14th Anniversary contest. I am the recent winner of the New Balance Walking Shoes offered by the website, Most Comfortable Shoes. I feel so fortunate and want to thank you for this wonderful prize. Thank you, also for I thorouhly enjoy every issue. Keep up the excellent work! You give so much to all your readers.
Kathy, New Jersey, USA


Evelyn, congratulations on all your successes. I see Journeywoman in travel publication mentions.
Jenn, New Zealand


I really enjoy the Journeywoman newsletter and articles, and even though I usually travel with my husband, the tips and places to see, stay and eat I have used. It's a wonderful vehicle for information. Thank you again.
Nydia, Stroudsburg, USA



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