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Why I Love My Job (2011 Photo Memories )
Evelyn Hannon


2011 was a wonderful travel year for Journeywoman. I travelled solo, with students, other journalists, girlfriends, tour guides and with my own family. I travelled by air, ship, tourist vans, subways, streetcars, trains, cars and tour buses. I had the pleasure of setting foot in Central America, United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales), Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Italy and France. Ditto for New York in the USA and the cities of Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

Each day that I was away I counted my blessings. I saw incredible sights, met so many kind people (many I could speak to only via translators), tasted interesting new foods and I took hundreds of photographs that continuously remind me that I have the best job in the world.

Though I could have chosen many, many others, here in no particular order are 20 photos that bring back very diverse but delightful travel memories of 2011.

P.S. Have I mentioned I love my job?


Trafalgar Tours invited my family to experience a three-generational bus tour through the United Kingdom. We all loved it especially Grandma who watched my grandchildren experience Europe for the very first time.


In Florence it doesn't get any better than crossing the Ponte Vecchio at sundown.


This man that posed for me in Jerusalem's Arab Market reminds me of all the kind people worldwide I met this year who allowed me the pleasure of photographing them.


The crafts in Antigua (Central America) were incredible. I spent all morning wandering from shop to shop.


In Toronto, Canada visitors flock to Kensington Market to check out and try retro fashion in the funky second hand stores.

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