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Happy Honeymoon -- Savvy Travelling

Evelyn Hannon

lanning a wedding can be wonderfully good but oh-so-exhausting and emotionally draining. So, once the ring is on your finger and the wedding cake is cut and good-byes to out-of-town relatives complete, you and your sweetie will definitely want a holiday away from the maddening crowd.

For this memorable trip, Journeywoman asks that you tuck away your solo traveller's mentality. Being on the road as part of a couple-in-love involves a slightly different planning strategy. To begin, be aware of pitfalls that can make your holiday together less than perfect. Correct them and then go out and have fun, fun, fun!

Planning for two, input from two...

Think carefully about the type of holiday you "both" want. This is certainly not the time for compromise -- your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime for each of you. Chatting about your travel dreams and researching destinations together can be very rewarding -- so have lots of fun doing it. A word of caution -- don't try to accomplish everything by yourselves. Once your destination, style of holiday, and budget have been worked out, find a savvy travel agent who can take care of all the many details for you. You'll both be working hard enough getting the actual wedding logistics taken care of.

Don't spend too much...

Try not to over extend yourselves financially. If your budget doesn't allow for it easily, then why plan a month-long holiday abroad at the most expensive hotels? A shorter trip at a ski lodge closer to home can be just as enjoyable in its own way and then there's no extra debts to stress about when you get back home. Perhaps, instead of a Wedding Shower you can have a Honeymoon Shower where guests offer a gift of money towards your special time away. Remember, there's always all those other more expensive honeymoons to look forward to -- your 1st anniversary celebration in London, 2nd in Paris, 3rd in Rome. Then there's Disneyland with the kids. Ain't love grand?

Do your specialized research...

Now that you know exactly where you're going, try using for getting specialized travel info in the city or country you're travelling to. Connect with a "HERmail woman who loves to travel" at your destination -- find out about things like weather conditions, whether you need to pack a heavy coat, romantic restaurants she enjoys, specialty shopping, etc. Tell her you're planning your honeymoon. You know how "girls" are about love. She won't be able to resist helping.

Pack lightly...

No matter what type of holiday you choose, pack carefully and lightly. Both you and your husband should have no more than one bag and one carry-on each. Travel is a whole lot easier and less tiring if you don't have excess luggage to contend with. It's safer too -- you always have one hand free, you're not struggling with bags, and thieves will not pick you out as easy victims.

Journeywoman Honeymoon Packing System...

Airlines are not perfect and bags are often misrouted or sometimes lost. That's not an impossible problem when you're travelling with your husband. Simply use the Journeywoman Honeymoon Packing System. That means packing should be done along with your partner. Each suitcase should contain half of his things and half of your things. Now you're safe! If one bag is lost or stolen each of you will still have enough of your travel items to begin your holiday with ease. P.S. While you're in sharing mode, make sure that the two of you exchange ATM cards as well. Now you can carry your credit card and his bank card and vice-versa. If either one of your cards is lost or stolen you won't have the kind of money crisis that can ruin your honeymoon. Hurrah for being married!

Don't have eyes only for each other...

Imagine this scenario. You were married just last night. This morning you're at the airport checking in for your honeymoon flight. Chances are the two of you only have eyes for each other. Big mistake! Stay alert! Airports are where a great many robberies take place. Remember to keep your luggage cart in front of you -- never hold it behind you as you're checking in and making your seat selections. Bags can disappear in an instant and you'll never see it happening. And, if you are walking around the airport with your carry-on bags on the cart, tie the bags to the cart with one of your scarves. Hubby will think you're oh-so-clever, and we dare thieves to grab your possession when you're not paying full attention.

How well do you know your fiancee?...

This next tip is not fun to think about but it's very important. I'll bet you can go on and on about the exact color of your new husband's eyes and what he likes to eat for breakfast. Yet, do you know what his blood type is, his doctor's telephone number, the antibiotics he is allergic to? Nobody goes off on a honeymoon expecting to be very ill or to be involved in a serious mishap. Unfortunately in the real world accidents do happen and the two of you should make sure that you know all these details to ensure the best emergency care possible.

More love-ly hints about "Married Cards", "Our Home Shopping Notebooks", cybercafes, and creating honeymoon nostalgia....




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