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She and She and Necklaces


Canadian, Shona Magee works in the field of pediatric rheumatology and loves it. She is also a true Journeywoman, a woman who absolutely loves to travel. While Shona has had many wonderful travellin� adventures she insists that even her bad experiences have been positive. This story is about one of the very good ones. Shona writes...

Before going to Africa I had decided to pack some things that could be used for trade or barter. I was backpacking for almost a year so was on a strict budget and only had room for some jewelry and a bag of Kazoos I bought at a dollar store.

A group of shy children stood watching...

quarter moon A part of the trip was spent on a seven week camping safari from Zimbabwe through Botswana, Malawi and Kenya. One night after setting up camp in the wilderness of Botswana, we sat by the fire listening to the wild noises of the night and talking about our days' adventure. Out of what seemed like no where, a shy group of children stood watching us from the distance, curious about these strangers in their midst. We invited them to join us but they were too shy and wouldn't come any closer.

They tried out their new toys...

notesI remembered the Kazoos in my backpack and ran to get them. I hummed a rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb and it took only a few minutes to overcome their shyness in order to try out these wonderful new toys. The Kazoos helped bridge the gap between strangers and they were so thrilled with their musical talents that the soon-annoying hum from the Kazoos could be heard echoing well into the night, and I became very unpopular with my exhausted fellow travelers!

She trades her Masai necklace...

masai woman The most rewarding trade came, however, when I met a Masai mother with her baby wrapped at her hip. She was very tall and beautiful and held herself with great pride. She also wore an abundance of traditional Masai jewelry which fascinated me. I wondered how I could get to know her and thought of what we might have in common -- of course, the jewelry!

I went to my backpack and came back wearing necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We found some shade under a tree and sat for quite some time admiring each other's adornments, trying to communicate as best we could. Eventually we made a trade and to this day I am proud to say I have a beaded Masai necklace which hangs with other mementos of my travel adventures. I hope somewhere in Kenya another young woman is proud to have a memento of her visit with a traveler from Canada.

Have you dreamt of going to Africa?

masai woman If experiencing Africa is what you have always dreamed of, then do it! Start slowly with research on the subject. Find out about clothing that is culturally correct. Think about which areas you'd like to visit. Find out which tour companies in our Journeywoman Network go there. Chat with the women who run the companies. They'll be happy to answer questions, send brochures and point you in the right direction. You Go Girls!

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Women�s words on giving...

heartsA cheerful giver does not count the cost of what she gives. Her heart is set on pleasing and cheering her to whom the gift is given.
(Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, 1373)

We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse.
(Anne-Sophie Swetchine, 1869)

A gift -- be it a present, a kind word or a job done with care and love -- explains itself! And, if receiving it embarrasses you it�s because your "thanks box" is warped.
(Alice Childress, 1956)

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