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Buenos Aires -- Her Love Affair With the Tango


Milongas and dance teachers...

You can go tango dancing any night of the week in Buenos Aires. Since milongas (dancing dens) tend to come and go, your best option is to check out either of the major tango magazines in the city, BA Tango or El Tangauta.

Alternatively, the website,, is dedicated entirely to tango events in Buenos Aires and around the world. Let'sTanGO! is a website conceived by a staff of experienced journalists, that promotes Buenos Aires culture with Tango as a thematic core. In it you'll find interesting milongas' reviews. Travellers can learn which dance dens have wooden floors and which ones not; which ones are recommended for beginners (some milongas are only for advanced or intermediate dancers) and which ones serve dinner, etc. Doing your research before you travel will certainly add to the success of your experience.

Here are a few first-rate milongas to get you going:

Scalabrini Ortiz 1331
Tel: 4342-4794
Mondays and Fridays until 4 a.m.

La Viruta
Armenia 1366
Tel: 4774-6357
Fridays and Saturdays until 6 a.m.

Ni�o Bien
Humberto Primo 1462
Tel: 1541478687
Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4 a.m.

Porte�o y Bailarin
Riobamba 345
Tel:1551538626 or 1540445908
Tuesdays until 4 a.m.

Beginners take note...

If you're starting from scratch, you'll need at least a handful of classes before you'll feel ready to strut your stuff in public. These are a few tango teachers who can help you get to that point:

Carolina Levin
Tel: 4781-2203 or 1553271760

Marisa Galindo Pasaje
Tunez 2525 (1428)
Buenos Aires
Tel: 4543-0018

Marcelo Gutierrez
Tel: 4601-3421

Safety for Women in Buenos Aires...

While Argentina does not have as high a rate of violent crime as some of its South American neighbors, precautions are definitely in order, especially in Buenos Aires, a city of about 12 million people. The current economic and political crisis has unfortunately led to a rise in both poverty and crime.

During the day, buses and the subway (called the "subte" by locals) are perfectly safe. Don't ever walk alone at night, especially in areas such as La Boca and Retiro that have dicey reputations. Never take taxis off the street; always call a Radio-taxi (Tel: 4922-9999) or even better, take a remise car where a driver will take you to your destination for a fixed rate. My personal favorite is Remises Hola S.A. 4786-5333, We did our best to follow all the travellers' safety rules we'd ever read.

Women travelers will find men in Argentina slightly more subdued than those from other Latin American countries. They are unlikely to squeeze your buttocks or harass you in public; they will, however, hold you tight for a tango or yell out "mamacita" to you from a car window. Just take it in stride and you'll be fine.

Check with your government...

Journeywoman suggests that women travelling to this part of the world check with their governments for any safety alerts that might be in effect. Always carry contact information for your country's embassy in the destination you are travelling to. Contact them if you run into trouble. They are your 'mamma' away from home.

In Canada, contact: Bureau of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Web site:

United States: U.S. Department of State
Web site:

Great Britain: Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Web site: 





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