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Her Vietnam Travel Tips...


Another shopping tip...

Vietnam is a shopping mecca writes Mei Yin Tao. I recently spent a few days in a wonderful little town called Hoi An in the middle of Vietnam. They have an amazing number of seamstresses there who have cloth shops. A great shop with a friendly staff, modern designs and professional work is Khoi Cloth Shop, 134 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam, Tel: 0510 861113. I got five pairs of pants made and three dresses and it cost me $68US. A great deal. They take all your measurements so the clothes fit perfectly. If you want them to make changes, they'll do it at no extra charge. They'll work in your time frame, either having the clothes made that day or the day after. These good businesspeople also gave me a lantern and a purse as a gift. Very hard to resist and a fun experience!

Hankies are a no-no...

While in Vietnam, do not give handkerchiefs as gifts. During the war, young girls gave hankies, which had their name embroidered on the corner, to their boyfriends who were going off to war. Many men did not return and the handkerchiefs are now often associated with grief and parting.

(Source: Raise Your Cultural IQ, Louisa Nedkov, Trade Winds Publications Inc)

Woman-friendly Vietnam Guide...

The following two tips are excerpts from a new book called, The Treasures and Pleasures of Vietnam and Cambodia -- Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping. We like this publication because it is not only a travel guide but a guide to the best shopping in Vietnam as well.

What to wear where:
Given Vietnam's tropical climate and informal lifestyle, plan to pack as if you were visiting New Orleans or Atlanta -- lightweight cotton clothing is especially important for hot and humid days. If you're visiting the north and central highlands in Vietnam during the winter months, plan to pack a sweater and jacket: it can get cool. You need not pack formal attire since even the best restaurants do not require dresses, suits, coats or ties. Smart casual is the best you'll ever have to dress.

Where to shop for what:
If you're looking for particular products to take home, just head for several of Hanoi's streets that offer specialty items and services. Most of these streets can be found in the Old Quarter and French Quarter areas:

Baby items Cau Go
Backpacks, suitcases Dinh Tien Hoang
Electrical appliances Hai Ba Trung
Embroidery Hang Gai
Eyeglasses Luong Van Can
Lacquer Hang Khay
Ready-made clothes Tran Nhan Tong
Silk Hang Gai
Souvenirs Hang Bong
Tableware Ham Long
Toys Luong Van Can









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