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Businesswomen Share Best Travel Advice...


In our last Journeywoman Newsletter we asked readers to share travel tips and advice that would make life on the road easier for the travellin' businesswoman. From New York to California, from Hong Kong, England and Canada, there was a deluge of helpful e-mail responses. Here's what our roadwarriors-of-the-female-kind had to say...

She extends herself...

Hotel rooms are not always designed so that you can use your electrical appliances or computers in ways that you would find most comfortable (i.e. some people like to use their laptop while sitting on their bed). To solve this problem, I pack a long extension cord and adaptor in the appropriate voltage. This way I don't have to crawl under furniture to get to the outlet that works best for me.
Sharon Allard, Gardiner, Kansas, USA

Gifts for her daughters...

Frequently I travel business class on international flights and have found that the travel packs many airlines hand out (lotions, lip balm toothpaste, etc. all in a nice case) are great to take home to my daughters. After they've received a few, I just stockpile the other packs to give out to their girlfriends when they come over for slumber parties. No matter what their ages, the girls seem to like the lotions and stuff a lot better than the presents I bring home.
C. Burdt, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

She finds hotel deals...

Well before I travel, I e-mail potential hotels to politely inquire about packages, promotions, and nonsmoking accommodations. I'm usually happily surprised with the discounts or opportunities I get back from the hotels' reservation managers. Typically, their responses yield "deals" that are not posted on the web site or available via their toll free numbers.
Pat Conway, Santa Clara, California, USA

She sends advance e-mails...

Long business trips abroad can be very isolating . My solution? A month or so before traveling, send a group e-mail to those of your family and friends who travel a lot. Tell them where you plan to go and what you wish to do there. Chances are, someone will have a family member or friend to introduce you to at your destination. That connection will mean the world of difference if (in your free time) they can show you the town from a local perspective. You might even be invited for a home-cooked meal.
Valerie Snitz, New York City, New York, USA

Long johns and health bars...

I live in Europe and travel almost every other week for business. Here are five short tips that work for me. I keep a set of silk long johns packed. Can't tell you how many times I've gone somewhere cooler and have been thankful I've had them! They take up no room or weight so it doesn't matter if you don't use them. I always have two extra change purses -- one for my own currency and the other for the currency of the country I'm visiting. I keep my toiletry bag packed and replenish the contents each time I return from a trip. Then it;s ready to go for the next time. I travel with healthy food bars (types that don't melt). You never know when you're going to need a nutrition boost. Finally, I always take a bathing suit and coolmax shorts along. One never knows when you get a few hours to relax.
KY, Europe

Her own medical kit...

It's not fun to think about getting sick while you're travelling but I try to prepare myself for the more common eventualities. I always bring a super-antibiotic that will cover nearly any problems I might encounter. This medication will usually help to treat bloody diarrhea, upper respiratory or urinary tract infections. I also bring a single-dose yeast infection pill, plus an assortment of over the counter meds: antidiarrhea, painkillers, cold medication. The last thing one wants to do if one gets sick while traveling is to hunt for a chemist. And, if you're traveling in developing countries, it's especially important to be prepared.
Heather, Santa Cruz, California, USA

She does laundry in a bag...

Pack a large ( one gallon size) Zip-Lock storage bag and use it to wash undies, socks etc. Simply put warm water and your detergent (a teaspoon is plenty -- I use Woolite) in the bag. Add your items to be washed, slosh around a little--like a washer would do and then leave it until you come back in the afternoon. Drain, rinse and you have done your laundry effortlessly.
Billie Hamm, Lexington, Kansas, USA


Toronto hotel pampers businesswomen...

To make life easier and more friendly for business travellers of the female kind, the Holiday Inn On King has come up with an interesting StayAssured Program.

These folks have thought of everything...

uaranteed room availability from 9:00 AM.

Fresh fruit, breakfast bars, bottled water.

Ask for it -- bellman will park your car, security will escort you to your room.

Female-friendly kits for all -- includes nail polish remover pads, hair spray, dental floss and a hairband for when you are putting on or taking off your make-up.

Comfy bathrobes and slippers on request.

Need to buy nylons? There's a supply.

Want an in-room spa service? Book it in advance and it's yours.

Don't like eating dinner alone? Enjoy the company of other women at hotel's round-table dining.

Still not enough? After your first 5 night stay, choose your gift --either a hair dryer or an electric manicure kit. And there's still more.

(Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Files)

Be careful when packing pills...

While it is sometimes a lot easier not to have to carry larger bottles of prescription pills, never transfer any of those tablets to a smaller container. It is recommended that travellers always pack prescription drugs in their original bottles. Custom officials can stop travelers who have unidentified drugs and seize the medicines.

(Laurie D, Borman, The Smart Woman�s Guide to Business Travel)

For info on using diapers even if you don't have a baby and how to get rid of wrinkles in clothing, please click here





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