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Businesswomen Share Best Travel Advice...


Her father-in-law is a pilot...

My business tip comes from my father-in-law who is a pilot for a major airline. He told me to always wear earplugs when I fly. This good piece of advice has made my flights more productive, less tiring and much more peaceful. Now I can use flight time to catch up on office paperwork and to sleep. I�m not bothered by the noises that planes normally make and I�m not distracted by my row neighbors or their frisky children.
Krista Regedanz, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Businesswoman packs a diaper...

Not all business travellers can afford to stay at hotels. My tip is for those staying in hostels, which, I have found, are often out of towels. In order to be prepared and since towels take up a lot of space in a suitcase, I carry a cloth diaper with me to use as an emergency towel. They're light weight, very absorbent, and dry very quickly.
Diana Walker, Austin, Texas, USA

She�s got wheels...

The best investment I ever made is a rolling computer case with a telescoping handle. I don't care how light your laptop may be it gets very heavy when you're dashing through airports. My case has a place for my laptop, a portfolio and a compartment big enough to pack one outfit, undies, and makeup to get me through a one-day meeting. It�s heaven - no hassles - everything all in one piece of luggage. By the way, my rolling PC case is only 17 inches wide and fits under the seat on the airplane.
Jo Ann Allen,Tampa, Florida, USA

Careful with luggage tags...

Never put your home address on your luggage tags. Instead, put your name and phone number on them or attach your business card instead. You don't want to let thieves know where you live and that your home may be empty long enough for them to rob it.
Corinna, London, England

Her washroom solution...

What do you do when you have to watch your bag, your purse and a computer and you need to use the washroom in a train station or airport? My advice is never to leave things outside your stall for even a few minutes even if the bathroom seems empty. Instead, I head for the handicapped washroom. Most often they are empty, there are no lineups and they are large enough to bring all your belongings in with you.
Robin Brown, New Zealand

She doesn�t need an iron...

I take a small plastic spray bottle with me on all my business trips. Unpacking my suitcase, I immediately deal with any clothes that have become creased. After filling the bottle with tap water, I spray the wrinkled garments with a light mist, then brush the garment with my hands to straighten out the wrinkles. In a couple of minutes my clothes are almost wrinkle free and ready to wear. I suggest other Journey Women experiment with their clothes prior to travelling to see if my system works for them, too.
Judith Vale, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

She Does Business in Germany...

Rank is important in business dealings. Be sure to use titles. In male-female introductions, the woman should offer her hand first in a handshake.
In a restaurant, the man usually follows the lady to the table so she can be seated first.
If you are walking into a building, the woman will follow the man so that the man can open the door for the woman.

Germans tend not to exchange gifts. If you decide to bring a gift it should not be very expensive, but rather a token gift of good quality or special interest.

(Tracey Wilen, Europe for Women in Business)

For information on preparing a safety kit, dual purpose shawls, and love faxes for your kiddies, click here





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