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Businesswomen Share Best Travel Advice...


Her special briefcase...

Fancy leather briefcases and folders are impressive, but I've found that buying a nice vinyl "school folder" (with spirals and pockets) works better for me. Firstly, it has a zipper, and I'm forever stuffing loose things into it, and when I'm transferring from trains or hotels, it's one less thing I have to worry about falling all over the place. When not in use, or while I'm on the move, I put my school folder in the front zipper pocket of my full-size suitcase. When I'm stuck waiting for something (like a train), I can just slip the folder out in a minute, complete with all it's loose guts. Finally, it doesn't look too professional which dissuades not only theft of the folder, but makes me look more like a common (not rich) tourist.
Kate Spring, Colorado, USA

Her organza safety kit...

The best tip I can offer is to buy a small bag (I have a lovely organza one with a drawstring) and keep it stocked with a few things to make you feel safe and secure as you travel: a candle, a lighter or safety matches, a rubber door stop, a miniature flashlight and a nightlight. P.S. For double duty -- I always try to find a candle in a scent that encourages relaxation and which helps me to unwind at the end of a busy day.
Lisa Villeneuve, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beware bedspreads...

In a hotel room I always remove the bedspread before sitting or lying on the bed to relax. I believe that the first thing most travellers generally do is flop down on top of the bedspread -- shoes and all. Unlike the lovely fresh clean sheets we�re provided with, the bedspreads are probably changed a lot less often.
Jaci Heye, San Diego, California, USA

My favorite shawl...

I take my favorite shawl on the plane to wrap up in. Then, in my room I drape it over a chair for a feeling of familiarity in a strange and usually sterile environment. I also e-mail friends and colleagues well before my trips to say I would like to spend time with them and also, to make sure that they'll be in town at the time I�m there.
Debby Brimlow, Houston, Texas, USA

Her packing system...

I've tried and tested this packing system and it really works! If you want to pack your clothes in as tightly as possible and still not crease them, try to fold them as usual and then roll them all up so they are compact like sausages. This way nothing shifts in your luggage, no new creases happen and you can put many more things in your bag!
Anna Abbott, Hong Kong

She loves lavender...

One of my favorite "must haves" for business or pleasure travel is a small spray bottle filled with filtered water and a few drops of aromatic oil. I've found that a quick spritz on my face during long, dry plane flights, before meetings, after jet-lag-recovery naps, before bedtime, or after exercise is a perfect refresher and energy boost. I've even misted my hair for a quick restyle when I can't get back to my room before an evening out. My favorite combination is lavender and mint, as it's both energizing and calming, but just a couple of drops of lavender alone also makes for a wonderful spray. It's easy to refill the bottle with bottled water and a few drops of lavender oil to add to baths, sprinkle on my pillow for a more restful sleep, and even dab on when I want a bit of fragrance. As an added bonus, there's nothing like a wonderful, familiar fragrance to make one feel at home anywhere in the world!
Gale Roanoake Imrie, Walnut Creek, California, USA

Mom faxes her love...

Do you leave kiddies behind when you travel on business? Why not stay in touch by faxing them original one page stories about your adventures that can be read to them at bedtime. These short tales can be created at home ahead of time -- an ongoing saga like, �Mom Goes to Hong Kong� -- describing the people you meet, the things you do and the different kinds of food you eat. You can even dress your stories up with funny stick figures. A great way to send your love and to stay in touch with your little tykes.

(Evelyn Hannon Journeywoman files)

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