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She's Hotel Savvy -- She Stays Safe


She stays safe...

  • When travelling, always stay aware of your surroundings; your mind should be on what you're doing, not on what you'll say to Aunt Martha when you get off the plane.

  • Keep your hands free; women are more vulnerable when their hands are bound up in straps of purses or bags.

  • Be verbal; talk loudly if you feel threatened, as this will control your breathing and release energy to help you gain control of the situation.

  • If you are followed in a parking lot, bang on cars to set off alarms.

Make your hotel your home...

Today's hotels are filled to the brim with amenities designed to make life on the road as simple and enjoyable as possible. Add a few Journeywoman items from home and you'll never want to leave.

Carry a clothespin to close stubborn hotel drapes completely. You'll be grateful in the morning when sunlight can wake you up very, very early and make you very, very cranky.

Small packets of crackers or cookies don't take up much space in your suitcase but they come in so handy when you wake up in the middle of the night and you are starving (Ritz cracker and peanut butter are Journeywoman's absolute favorite). Ditto for dried fruit and nuts.

Travelling aromatherapy candles (available at the Body Shop) fill the air with wonderfully relaxing scents. Great to light in the bathroom when you are indulging in a long, luxurious soak.

Most hotels offer a coffee or tea maker in your room but not many include low calorie hot chocolate mix. Take along several packages and you become queen of your portable travel snackbar.

Design a mini telephone directory for your hotel room. Carry one sheet of paper that lists all of your important phone information -- contacts for family and friends, physician and dentist, personal calling card info and numbers to call to report insurance claims and lost or stolen credit cards. If you create these listings on your computer you can add or delete easily and all you need to do is print your file prior to travelling.

Feel a cold coming on? Keep lots of chewable Vitamin C on hand. Many women swear by it and when taken in prescribed doses, for short periods of time, it's reported to be quite harmless. No chicken soup available? For some women, Ancient Healing Formula in tea bag form (Yogi Tea Co.) is the anti-sniffles remedy of choice. Even when it's hard to find a pharmacy, it's easy to locate hot water.

A tiny (1 oz.) bottle of lavender oil is lovely for relaxation. Add several drops to an evening bath and travel stress will simply melt away. Put some on your pillowcase and you'll sleep like a baby.

Finally, carry a tiny picture frame filled with someone you love a lot. Keep that photo on your night table to inspire you to get out and make the most of each and every travel day.

(Source: Journeywoman files)

4-IN-1 Personal Safety & Security Device...

We thought it might be a good idea to post this classified ad about safety devices in this article. Cavius is a member of the Journeywoman Network of classified advertisers.

CAVIUS -- has 4 functions. Personal ATTACK Alarm, SMOKE Detector, DOOR Movement Alarm, & BAG Movement Alarm. CAVIUS is easy to use, compact, lightweight (60gms) 130dbl Alarm that fits in the palm of your hand. Cavius is your ultimate travel companion, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your personal safety and security. Your Guardian Angel. For more information visit

Suggested female-friendly reading...

Title:  The Traveling Woman, Great Tips For Safe and Healthy Trips  
Authors:  Catherine Comer and Lavon Swaim
ISBN Number:  1-57023-161-3
This book focuses on the special health and safety needs of women travellers. It offers tips on everything from using public transportation and credit cards to preventing jet lag and handling sexual harassment. Bonus: Look for the book's review section of 55 key websites relevant to women travellers. Journeywoman says "thank you" for being included!





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