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Learning Choices


Culturally correct business gifts...


Selecting Business Gifts...

giftsSensitivity to other cultures is a must when selecting business gifts,� writes Catherine Patch, staff reporter of the Toronto Star. She offers these pointers on culturally-correct gift giving...

Do give dried fruit on the Indian subcontinent where it�s considered a favorite.

Don�t do this in Southeast Asia. In this part of the world they like fresh fruit -- except melon and pears. Tangerines are a very good choice, though. These are a symbol of wealth.

Do wrap your gifts in colors like red and gold if you�re offering a present to someone of the Islamic faith.

Don�t use black wrapping in the same situation. This color is considered very, very unlucky.

Do send 13 flowers rather than a dozen to your Chinese business contact.

Don�t ever send 12. Good numbers are three, eight and thirteen. To the Chinese, these odd numbers are considered very, very lucky.

(Source: Toronto Star, Multicultural mosaic can make for gift-giving gaffes, December 3, 1998)

Ms. Biz travels by car...

carIf a good portion of your day is spent driving between clients, you�ll be pleased to know about Story Village Tapes. This helpful site lists 1400 different audio titles that you can either buy or rent online. Learn a new language, be inspired by the top international business gurus or simply enjoy a best-selling novel all without taking your hands off the wheel. Check them out at:

P.S. Story Village Tapes ensures that at least half of their 1400+ titles are written by women authors.

P.P.S. Take a look at their bargain basement -- lots of fun listening for only $2.00!

Dial H for medical room service... telephone

Have you heard about this medical service available in the USA? HotelDocs now offers hotel room calls to ailing travellers. No membership fees necessary, just pay per visit. Medics on call include physicians, dentists, chiropractors and assorted specialists. Call 1-800-HOTELDR.

Follow the links to great info ...

Click here to visit the Ontario Exports webpage. Locate their search engine and enter the words �internet links� Presto, up pops a connection containing such goodies as:

150,000 company addresses from over 25 European countries, with company brochures, key business information and links to yellow pages throughout Europe

Canada 411:
With over 10 million Canadian business and personal listings including postal codes.

Web Telephone Directories:
An index of phone books from all around the world.

Digital Passport:
Currency exchange, international holidays, time zones, embassies, airlines and international Airports.

Reader requests biz info...

Looking for biz info on the Scandinavian countries.... namely if a Canadian woman will be accepted in the board room, how to dress, act, any specifics that I should know about, glass ceiling effects, etc. I have heard and read many things about these countries and it seems that women are more readily accepted in business here than in North America. Is this true? Contact Lori at:

Women's words
from Elizabeth Arden to her husband...

Lips"Dear, please never forget one little point. This is my business, darling. You just work here."

(Source: Miss Elizabeth Arden 1972, New Beacon Book of Quotations by Women)

Ed. note: If you haven�t already read Ms. Biz Solo Dining Tips, please click here





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