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Hong Kong Tourism Board


Ms. Biz Top Ten Travel Tips
making life easier for the female exec...


6Ms. Biz snack packs...
Crackers and biscuits can be popped into a ziplock bag and packed alongside those files you�re working on. Each of the snacks listed below are worth no more than 50 calories and can be a great help during the night when you get the munchies in your hotel room.

2 Triscuits
2 Arrowroot
2 Graham Crackers
3 Ritz Crackers
5 animal crackers
1 fig bar or....
1 Oreo for that �chocolate or nothing� craving.


7Culturally Correct Ms. Biz...
Research your destination. Many times business etiquette that works at home, doesn�t when you�re away. Did you know that in Korea, the highest ranked businessperson, whether female or male, is expected to enter and exit a meeting-room first?


8Pregnant Ms. Biz...
Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage even if you plan to be out of the country only for a few hours. Working �moms-to-be� would be wise to check their policies very, very carefully. For example, did you know that many companies don't automatically cover pregnancy-related conditions or nursery care for premature infants? P.S. Did you know that now you can buy travel coverage directly from the internet. Check Liberty Health�s Per Trip travel plan and choose the coverage you need based on the length of your particular trip.


9Working Abroad...
The International Jobs Directory is a book that is absolutely stuffed with information for any woman interested in short-term or long-term employment abroad. From teaching to working in the fields of publishing, media and travel industries, this 324 page research tool has it all.
P.S. It also lists 100�s of web sites to explore. Definitely worth a look at your library or local bookstore. Impact Publications. ISBN 1-57023-086-2


10Biz-friendly hotel in Canada...
Extra points for smart thinking go to the Executive Plaza in Coquitlam, British Colombia. Females who check into this hotel can now enjoy a woman-only fitness club right on the premises. Ms. Biz is very impressed! For further information call: Toll-free 1-888-388- EXEC

Click here to read about culturally correct business gifts and much more...





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