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She’s Sleepless in Seattle
counting sheep round the world...


Laurie Borman is editor-in-chief of Endless Vacation Magazine and the author of the Smart Woman’s Guide to Business Travel. As a corporate executive, she has traveled across North America and the world. We asked about women execs overcoming sleeplessness when they travel. Laurie writes...

Probably one of the most overlooked health problems for business travelers is lack of sleep. If you’re running from time zone to time zone, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, or perhaps wondering how everyone is doing back home you may have a hard time getting a good night’s rest.

Adjust your regular habits...

If you can’t sleep while traveling you might need to change some of your regular habits. Begin by limiting your caffeine intake, especially when crossing time zones and within three hours of retiring for the night. Cut down on alcohol consumption, too. While it might seem like a great way to relax, a few too many can actually interrupt your sleep. Also, avoid heavily spiced foods and condiments that cause the stomach to churn.


You need a comfie pillow...

Make sure your pillow is comfortable. If your head is in a different position than you’re used to -- higher or lower -- you might wake up in the middle of the night, or worse, have a neckache the next day. Many women claim they prefer to bring their own, familiar pillow with them when they travel. But if that’s just another item you don’t want to lug along and you discover your hotel pillow is too fat, thin, hard, or soft, check with the hotel’s housekeeping department -- there may be other pillow styles to choose from.


Too hot or too cold...

Before retiring, make sure the room temperature is set to a comfortable point (you might want to request an extra blanket ahead of time, in case you find yourself shivering in the middle of the night). Check to be sure the drapes are fully closed. The one tiny crack is sure to let a stream of sunshine directly on your face in the morning before you’re ready to get up. Use a paper clip or hair clip to keep them shut if needed.


Eliminate sound and light...

Bring earplugs and eyeshades. These will help reduce your chances of hearing any hallway noises or seeing any light under your room door. You can buy really effective earplugs, used by professional musicians, at a music store. If you’re particularly sensitive to noise, consider getting a white noise machine that produces a background sound to mask hallway sounds.


Sweet dreams...

Put work issues and problems aside before you go to bed. If you need write down a few issues to think about in the morning, do so before you slip under the covers. Then play a little soothing music to ease your transition to relaxation and then to sleep. Once you’re in bed, think about pleasant thoughts and pleasant places, easing you into sleep.

Sweet dreams, ladies.






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