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If Women Ran an Airline...

Evelyn Hannon

Here at the Journeywoman office, we thought it would be fun to dream about how things would work if women owned and operated an airline solely for women. With tongue in cheek we pondered the perks, privileges and services we would offer our passengers on JWoman Air, the airline of choice for female travellers worldwide.

Never more than three minutes wait...

At JWoman Air we employ an army of women worldwide who are at home bringing up their children. These women sign in to work during their children's naptimes, etc. With so many employees in so many time zones you never have to wait more than three minutes to speak to a live person. Just state your preferred language and you will be connected with a woman who can 'speak your language' in every sense of the word. You will be quoted one price only. There are no added taxes or costs at JWoman Air. Get the reservations done quickly and you'll have time to chat about travel tips, recipes, the latest fashions, your favorite book -- whatever strikes both your fancies. P.S. If you do wait longer than three minutes to speak to an operator your flight is free, no questions asked.

Tweezers, toothbrush and lip balm...

As passengers board any of our JWoman aircraft, they would automatically receive a complimentary packet containing essentials to keep their body healthy and well groomed en route -- lip balm, a small bottle of moisturizer, a bottle of purified water, a travel toothbrush combined with mini toothpaste and a pair of disposable tweezers (Ask any beauty maven. She'll tell you that the light in airline washrooms is ideal for plucking your eyebrows).

Duvets and feather pillows...

It's first class and equality all the way! Every seat on the JWoman aircraft would have equal legroom and all seats would be completely reclinable. Any passenger who wanted to nap could request one of our freshly laundered mini duvets, a mini feather pillow and a sleepmask scented with lavender to inspire sleep.

Take back the arm rests...

It's a fact that men generally have bigger arms than women. It's also a fact that on all other airlines men (without malice) generally monopolize the arm rests leaving women with their arms tucked by their sides. On JWAir flights the arm rests belong to each and every passenger. Two smaller female arms fit easily on one armrest and when they don't we have a 'sharing' rule that, of course, everybody follows.

Women's travel tips and seat sales...

Once a JWoman Air flight reaches cruising altitude, the pilot would welcome the passengers onboard and she would chat about their destination -- offering her female friendly hints about hotels, great shopping and restaurants where a solo traveller could dine without hassles.

JWoman Air would offer frequent seat sales for destinations with great shopping opportunities. For example, bargain hunters know that Harrods in London, England holds a mega store-wide clearance each January. In order for travellin' women to be able to take advantage of these great shopping opportunities, all fares for JWoman flights to Heathrow Airport would be reduced at that time of the year. And, instead of two suitcases per person, every woman would be allowed three to carry all their wonderful new goodies home. How's that for female-friendliness?

Magazines, wine and washrooms...

On JWoman Air flights cheerful attendants would always be at your disposal. From their trolleys they would dispense extra complimentary bottled water, fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, every type of woman's magazines, lo-fat snacks, JWoman Airline T-shirts and wine if you wanted it (however, it would be mandatory for the flight attendant to gently warn the passenger that alcohol is dehydrating and might increase jetlag symptoms).

Bathrooms would be in a separate area of the plane and, of course, there would be twice as many units as other airlines offer. There would be fresh flowers in each and at least one washroom would be used exclusively for mothers travelling with babies and young children. These units would be equipped with a separate sitting room containing rocking chairs for soothing breastfeeding, changing tables, disposable diapers, wet wipes and baby powder. Worried about the danger in trying to change your baby during air turbulence? Don't fret! Our female pilots are superb. There is never a trace of turbulence on any of our JWoman Airline flights.






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