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Her Trip Planner -- 100 Great Ideas!

Ten years ago it was impossible to find collections of women-friendly travel opportunities like the ones presently listed in this section. They just didn't exist. However, the travel industry has since come a long, long way. Today, Journeywoman is delighted to present what we believe to be the largest selection of itineraries designed with the female traveller in mind. We've also introduced a category called "last-minute travel specials" for those times when you've just got to get away!

We thank all the members of our Network of Classified Advertisers for supporting this website with their inviting listings.

Happy holiday hunting, everybody!

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Travel Shopping for Women of the World

Her last-minute
travel specials

From Coast to Coast
Discover Canada

Journeywoman Spotlight
shines on these ideas
Incredible Italy
Women-friendly trips,
and sleeps
Fabulous France Her African Experience
Accommodations including..
B&B, Small hotels
Female-friendly hostels
Corporate furnished Apts

Worldwide tours
Especially for women

Women-friendly Tours
with co-ed opportunities

She loves horses
She goes riding
Female-friendly fashion
A collection of diverse ideas for women
Active Holidays
Playing in the great outdoors!
Fabulous foreign classrooms!
Learning Holidays and
Volunteer Vacations
Mind, Body, Spirit
Healthy Holidays
and Spiritual Holidays
Ms. Biz Travel
Hotels for Ms. Biz
Services, products
Corporate furnished Apts

Visit Awesome
Australia & New Zealand

Women on the Go
Cruising, Flying,
Driving and Rail...
A potpourri of items
to enhance your journey
Choose your interest
Plan your own trip
Delicious Reads!
Magazines, Books and EZines

Check our magical
Mexico Holiday Ideas

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