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Ice Cream of your Dreams...

There's great debate amongst Romans as to whose ice cream is the tastiest. Most tourists, therefore, feel it their responsibility to inform themselves about the debate and to carefully taste the competitors. To save you wasting extra calories in Rome, we've narrowed the best down to the following two:

This may be the most famous gelateria in Rome. Some find it old fashioned and outdated, but in reality the ice creams here are off the chart. There's dozens of flavors and some of the best are fruit flavors like fig, pink grapefruit, and watermelon. Also worth a taste are the vast varieties of chocolate: gianduia, bacio, cioccolato bianco and more. Closed Mondays.
Via Uffici del Vicario 40 (near the Pantheon)
Il Gelato di San Crispino
San Crispino has recently come to the forefront of the Italian gelato scene and its fame is well-earned. The gelato is made by two brothers who oversee every step of its production. Fruit flavors are seasonal for they make use of the cream of the crop. And there are innovative flavors as well, such as ginger and cinnamon or balsamic vinegar. The brothers refuse to have their ice cream eaten on cones: they think this contaminates the gelato and detracts from its taste. It seems right to take their word for it. Don't miss this one! Closed Tuesdays.
Via della Panetteria 42 (near the Trevi Fountain)

English Movies in Rome...

In addition to a large number of tourists from English-speaking locales, Rome also has a large expatriate population heralding from the US, Canada, Britain, and Australia. Thus, there's lots to do in English if your Italian skills aren't quite up to par.
In terms of movies, Italians pride themselves on being among the best dubbers in the world. This means that even American blockbuster hits are dubbed in most theaters. However, if you want to see movies in original language, there are some options. Survey the movie listings in the local newspapers for titles with the initials, 'v.o.' (versione originale) behind them -- these movies will be shown in their original languages. Try the following theaters which commonly show movies in English:
Though it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of comfort and technology, you can count on the Pasquino to be showing films in English every day.
Piazza Sant�Egidio 10 in Trastevere
39 06 580 3622
Nuovo Sacher
Owned and run by the director Nanni Moretti, this theater in Trastevere sometimes shows original language films on Monday or Tuesday. Air-conditioned.
Largo Ascianghi 1 in Trastevere
39 06 581 8116
Also in Trastevere, this theater with red plush seats (wow!) shows original language movies (though this is not always English) on Mondays. One can often see cutting-edge films not yet released in America here.
Via Cardinal Merry del Val 14 in Trastevere
39 06 588 0099
Located just at the Piazza del Popolo end of the Via del Corso, this modern movie theater often dedicates one screen to English movies.
Via del Corso 7
06 320 0933
Warner Brothers Moderno
Newer and more technologically advanced than anything else in town, the Warner Brothers Moderno sometimes shows original language movies. And the popcorn is great here too!
Piazza della Repubblica 45
06 477 791

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